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Garbage Truck Camera System

The best garbage truck cameras & waste management truck cameras in existence!

If you’re in the market for a garbage truck camera system, then consider your search over. Allow us to introduce you the best garbage truck surveillance system in the industry. Our truck camera system from skEYEwatch offers so many features and benefits for the waste/refuse industry, that it will blow your mind. 🤯 Watch the video above or keep reading to learn more!

Garbage Truck Surveillance Cameras

There are so many great reasons why companies in the waste management and recycling industry should install garbage truck cameras. Today we’re going to look at 3 scenarios how our camera technology helps this industry as well as 3 beneficial features that our system has to offer.

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Garbage truck camera systems | Waste management truck cameras.
Garbage truck camera systems | Waste management truck cameras.

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Truck Recording Security Cameras For The Waste Management & Recycling Industry

Garbage Truck Cameras Improve Customer Service

Attention waste management companies… We recommend investing in a garbage truck video recording system to start improving your customer service. Why? Think about how many times customers have called complaining that their local waste collection pick up service skipped their house. The number one reason why homes get skipped is because customers sometimes forget to place their trash cans at the end of the driveway for their scheduled pick up.

Furthermore, in some cases customers are not truthful and will say they did walk their trash cans to the road when they didn’t. Any waste management business that invested in fleet surveillance cameras will have recorded videos to help solve these disputes. Solving disputes like this improves customer service.

Reduce Legal Risks with a Truck Surveillance Camera

Think about all the times your garbage truck fleet receives complaints while they’re out on their routes. It could be anything from simple property damage to flying projectiles falling out of the truck on the roadways. Maybe it was a complaint against your driver’s behavior. Whatever the case is, sometimes these complaints could turn into civil lawsuits. With a high-quality video surveillance system installed on your trucks, you’ll finally have the tools you need to fight back in court. Video surveillance never lies!

What’s Included in Our Garbage Truck Camera System?

Garbage Truck Backup Cameras
Garbage Truck Backup Cameras

Garbage Truck Surveillance Cameras

4G LTE Live-Streaming Connected Truck Camera System

Imagine owning or managing of fleet of garbage of trucks and having the capability to instantly see where your trucks are at at any given time. Imagine having the ability to review recorded video footage at any given time, even if your trucks are active and on their routes. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, because we have built that technology into our garbage camera systems.

As the owner or manager of a fleet of garbage trucks, you will now have instant access to all recorded footage of your entire fleet with just a few clicks of a button. You’ll be able to see live streaming video feeds of your drivers and trucks in real time. You’ll be able to toggle through all cameras installed on your trucks without even being near your truck.

Side View Garbage Truck Cameras

These aren’t just your simple lane changing side mirror safety cameras. Our garbage truck side view cameras are also truck surveillance cameras. This will help protect your truck fleet with a good video recording system should any incidents happen on the driver and passenger sides of your trucks.

Garbage Truck Dash Cams

Front facing dash cameras for garbage trucks are great to have just in case anything happens in the front of the vehicle. Looking for driver facing dash cams? We have those, too! No one really knows when something is going to go down, but having that peace of mind with a full coverage camera system, including multiple dash cams will definitely save the day in the future.

If you are looking for our AI-Powered cameras OR driver facing cameras, we have those, too! Check them out here: AI Powered Dash Cams

Garbage Truck Backup Camera

A garbage truck backup camera is extremely important, especially for safety reasons. What makes our backup cameras the best in the industry is the fact that ours is recording to a mobile DVR. This means that our back up camera is not only a safety camera, but it’s also a surveillance camera. Whether your truck is reversing or not, our cameras are always recording should any incidents happen on the rear side of your vehicle.

GPS Tracking Built into Camera System

Managing a fleet of garbage collection trucks is now easier than ever! Why? Because our vehicle cameras have built-in GPS fleet tracking. Open up a map and see exactly where all of your garbage trucks are on a single map. From the map you can click on the truck icons to access the live-streaming video feed.

Garbage Truck Camera System Mobile App

View Your Garbage Truck Cameras in real time & on the go!

On-The-Go monitoring

The skEYEvue mobile app is now available in the iOS App Store & Google Play Store. Now fleet managers can monitor their garbage truck fleet cameras on-the-go.

On-The-Go GPS Tracking

View your entire garbage truck fleet on one single map right on your mobile device. Instantly see which trucks are active or inactive. Learn how fast they're traveling and which direction they are going.

vehicle and truck camera mobile app

On-The-Go Live Viewing

With the power of 4G LTE networks, skEYEvue customers can view their garbage truck cameras in real time, even if their refuse trucks are over-the-road and thousands of miles away. Even better, fleet managers can "live view" their fleet cameras on the go with skEYEvue mobile app.

On-The-Go Downloading

Easily request video snippets of up to 30 minute in length to download directly to your mobile device or computer. Video downloads are also stored in the cloud forever.

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Roll Off Garbage Truck Camera System


FAQs About Our Recycling & Garbage Truck Camera System.

Common answers to common questions about our garbage truck cameras.
Yes, many garbage trucks do have cameras, but not all. It all depends on the type of camera in question. There are different types of cameras on the market. #1 Safety cameras and #2 surveillance cameras. Many trucks produced in the last decade in the U.S. have safety backup cameras installed from the factory. Many garbage truck owners are finding value in garbage truck camera systems, because they help reduce insurance legal claims and solve customer disputes. Not to mention, the potential savings from your insurance rates.

As far as mDVRs (aka mobile DVRs) go, there are 2 types of systems that a waste management, recycling, or garbage collection company may want to use for their fleet.

5-Channel mDVR: A very common configuration is our 5-channel camera system. This vehicle camera system will support from 1 to 4 A/V cameras + 1 IPC camera. This would be our cheapest option that starts around $999.99 (product only). Installation and wiring fees are additional, if needed.

8-Channel mDVR: We also have an optional 8-channel system. This system supports 6 A/V cameras + 2 IPC cameras. This particular system also has (optional) advanced fleet management tools that can be integrated. This platform is capable of advanced fleet tracking, telematics, custom sensor integration, vehicle maintenance, and so much more! For something as advanced as this, we recommend that you use our request form here: Request a Demo.

Types of Garbage Trucks That We Support

Our fleet camera system will work with various types of garbage trucks; Even if you’re looking for articulating dump truck cameras, which are common at landfills.
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