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Cardella Waste invest in skEYEvue truck cameras

Cardella Waste Invests in Refuse Truck Cameras for Their Entire Fleet

Cardella Waste Invests in Recording Truck Cameras

Cardella Waste has made the decision to invest in skEYEwatch’s cutting edge truck camera system, skEYEvue. Our cutting-edge garbage truck camera system offers a vast array of benefits and has already proven itself with successful deployments across the US.

skEYEvue is a multi-mounted truck camera system that can have up to 8 cameras per vehicle and enables full 360° surveillance inside and outside the vehicle, leaving nothing unseen. This advanced technology gives Cardella Waste an unparalleled level of oversight into their operation.

skEYEvue helps Cardella Waste exonerate drivers from false property damage and insurance claims by providing clear video evidence during incidents – this alone can save lots of time and frustration for both driver and customer alike. Additionally, the cameras also help improve driver safety as well as customer service by recording proof of service. That alone comes in handy in case there are any disputes about what and when a service was completed such as trash pick up.

Tommy Oversmith, CEO of skEYEwatch was delighted to hear that Cardella Waste had chosen our company’s product: “We’re honored to have been chosen by Cardella Waste to provide them with our game-changing vehicle surveillance solution – skEYEvue. We hope they enjoy all of the wonderful benefits this incredible product provides!”

At skEYEwatch, we understand how important it is for companies like Cardella Waste to monitor their fleets, not only for safety concerns, but also legal ones, too. That’s why we put so much effort into designing highly efficient systems that are easy to use yet powerful enough for even the most extreme situations. We believe our products will give back peace of mind for both company owners and employees alike.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our products benefit customers like Cardella Waste, please give us call at (888) 998-7767 today!

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