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Dump Truck Tracking Software

The best dump truck tracking software in the aggregate industry!

Dump Truck Fleet Tracking & Statusing

The perfect dump truck tracking software has finally arrived. Looking to boost your aggregate fleet’s productivity? skEYEwatch has created the most innovative dump truck fleet tracking software on the market: skEYEtrax. This software provides live updates of your trucks’ statuses, allowing dispatchers to see what stage of the delivery cycle their trucks are in. With driver scorecards and advanced custom reporting, skEYEtrax is sure to increase the efficiency of your dump truck fleet management.

Dump Truck Tracking with Ticketing

skEYEtrax also offers an incredible paperless ticketing module built right into our tracking application. It’s so amazing to be able to track your dump truck fleet all while automatically managing dump truck hauling tickets in the cloud. The onboard skEYEtrax tablet also digitally stores all load and scale ticket info just in case needed for DOT inspection purposes. We also provide unlimited cloud storage for your past delivery tickets which makes them easy searchable at any time–no need wasting precious hours scrolling through tabs in bulky filing cabinets.

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Dump Truck Tracking Software

Dump Truck Tracking

Dump Truck Fleet Reporting

Our dump truck reporting software generates extremely useful reports to help you monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs). What gets measured gets managed. Track your entire operation and use the data to support your decision making. Reduce your delivery cycle time. Find out which customers are reducing the productivity of your mixer truck.

Dump Truck Reporting Software

skEYEtrax also has dump truck reporting software that gives you the power to measure and manage your aggregate delivery operations. By tracking your key performance indicators (KPIs), you can reduce delivery cycle times, identify customers who are reducing the productivity of your aggregate fleets, and make data-driven decisions that improve your bottom line.

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Dump Truck Fleet Reporting

The types of reports that skEYEtrax can create will blow your mind. For example, learn which of your drivers are spending too much time idling. Dump trucks burn a lot of fuel even when they are just sitting around idling.

Off route reporting and unauthorized stops are another create report to look at to see which of your drivers are burning up time and resources. PTO engagement and dump sensors are also extremely useful when trying to find out how much time it takes your driver to get that dump truck moving again after they drop a load.

dump truck fleet tracking


FAQs About Our Tracking Solutions Dump Trucks.

Common answers to common questions about our dump truck GPS tracking software.

skEYEtrax from skEYEwatch is hands down the best fleet GPS tracking solution on the market for these 3 reasons.

Reasons Why skEYEtrax Dump Truck Tracking is the Best

  1. Our GPS tracking software integrates with dispatching software, so you know what stage of delivery cycles your trucks are in.
  2. skEYEtrax also integrates with digital ticketing, so you know what order # your trucks are working on.
  3. skEYEtrax also integrates with our 4G cellular connected truck camera system called skEYEvue. Click on the truck map icon and view your trucks in the real time right through the cameras.

Yes, many owners of dump trucks do track their fleets with GPS enabled trackers. Dump truck owners do this to keep track of vehicle mileage, trip reports, and excessive speeding.

Yes, we have a truck camera system that records GPS longitude & latitude coordinates directly to the surveillance video.

Asset Trackers

Keep track of your most important assets – from heavy equipment to roll off dumpsters – with the latest asset tracker technology! No more guesswork or anxiety – you’ll always know exactly where those big items are. Get improved peace of mind today and stay in control when it matters most.

Battery Powered GPS Asset Tracker

Battery Asset Tracker

Up to 7-Year Battery
Solar Powered GPS Asset Tracker

Solar Asset Tracker

with long-life rechargeable battery
no long term contracts for skeyevue
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