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Armored Money Truck Camera System

Armored Truck Camera System

The most sophisticated armored money truck camera system ever created with 360° of surveillance.

Armored Truck Camera System

Armored Money Truck Surveillance Cameras

skEYEvue is the perfect fleet camera system for armored money trucks and valuables transporting. With high-definition cameras and night vision capabilities, skEYEvue gives you a clear view of your surroundings at all times, day or night. Our system’s easy-to-use interface makes it simple to keep an eye on your cargo, and its rugged construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of the harshest environments. With skEYEvue, you can rest assured that your money and valuables are always safe and sound.

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    Vehicle Camera Systems for Armored Money Trucks
    Vehicle Camera Systems for Armored Money Trucks

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    Armored Bank Truck Camera System

    Camera System for Armored Cars

    If you’re looking for the highest level of security and protection for your money & valuables transporting vehicles, then you need the skEYEvue vehicle camera system. This innovative camera system is specifically designed for armored trucks, and provides a clear view of all sides of the vehicle while in transit. With skEYEwatch, you can rest assured that your money is safe and secure – no matter where it’s going.

    8-Channel mDVR Supports Up To 8 Cameras per Vehicle

    The skEYEwatch X3 Core is an 8-channel mDVR. This means the X3 can support up to 8 cameras per vehicle. Don’t need 8 cameras? No problem, use only the camera ports that you need for your own custom configuration.

    Need more than 8-channels? We also have a 12-channel mDVR, but this one is special order only. (Please allow up to 4 – 6 weeks for shipping)

    GPS Tracking & Instant Access with LTE

    skEYEvue users can keep an eye on their entire armored car & truck fleet with our GPS tracking and a cellular connection to every vehicle in their fleet. skEYEvue customers can remotely manage their fleet camera system with instant access from anywhere in the world, so you can stay up-to date on where everything is at all times!

    Live Stream: View Your Armored Vehicle Cameras in Real Time!

    With skEYEvue, our customers can log in to their secure online dashboard and use their internet connection to live stream any camera from any vehicle in their entire fleet.

    Instantly Request to Download Vehicle Surveillance Clips

     skEYEvue customers can instantly review, clip and download past recorded surveillance videos directly from their fleet of armored vehicles. The only thing required is an internet connection and good cellular service wherever their vehicles are operating. Any clip that is downloaded is securely stored in the cloud forever!

    Armored Truck Camera System Mobile App

    View Your Armored Truck Cameras in real time & on the go!

    On-The-Go monitoring

    The skEYEvue mobile app is now available in the iOS App Store & Google Play Store. Now fleet managers can monitor their armored car fleet cameras on-the-go.

    On-The-Go GPS Tracking

    View your entire armored fleet on one single map right on your mobile device. Instantly see which armored vehicles are active or inactive. Learn how fast they're traveling and which direction they are going.

    vehicle and truck camera mobile app

    On-The-Go Live Viewing

    With the power of 4G LTE networks, skEYEvue customers can view their armored car cameras in real time, even if their trucks are over-the-road and thousands of miles away. Even better, fleet managers can "live view" their fleet cameras on the go with skEYEvue mobile app.

    On-The-Go Downloading

    Easily request video snippets of up to 30 minute in length to download directly to your mobile device or computer. Video downloads are also stored in the cloud forever.

    no long term contracts for skeyevue


    FAQs About Our Armored Truck Cameras.

    Common answers to common questions about our armored truck cameras.
    Our skEYEvue fleet camera platform works well with all types of armored vehicles.

    • Armored Money Trucks
    • Armored Cash Trucks
    • Valuable Transport Trucks
    • Armored Vans
    • Armored Cars
    • Brinks Trucks
    • Loomis Trucks
    • Garda Trucks
    • Any type of Armored Vehicles

    Yes, we do sell explosive proof and bullet proof cameras. These are a perfect solution for armored trucks and for SWAT and law enforcement vehicles. This type of camera is a special order item and we will need 4 - 6 for shipping and handling.

    Any company that transports cash or valuable goods for banks, jewelers or large department stores would be a great candidate for an armored vehicle camera system. Below are a list of the names of a few companies that could benefit the most such a system.

    The following 3 companies are the largest cash management and cash-in-transit companies in the United States.

    • Brink’s Co
    • Loomis
    • Garda World Security Corp
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