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Delve into skEYEwatch’s elite lineup of vehicle surveillance tools, where every device amplifies your vision on the road. From our industry-leading truck cameras to multi-dimensional vehicle camera systems, we offer a spectrum of solutions that cater to individual drivers and extensive fleets alike. Experience the prowess of our mDVRs, vigilant driver monitors, high-definition dash recorders, and cameras tailored for every nook and cranny of your vehicle—exterior, side, rear, or focusing on the license plate. Beyond just hardware, our offerings resonate with a commitment to safety, innovation, and seamless integration with the skEYEvue software platform. Choose skEYEwatch, and empower your fleet with cameras that redefine the road ahead.

Mobile Digital Video Recorder (mDVR)


5-Channel mDVR


8-Channel mDVR

mDVR Vehicle Monitor

7 inch mdvr driver monitor, interactive touchscreen monitor

7" Driver Monitor

CP4 Touchscreen mDVR Dash monitor
10 inch mdvr driver monitor, interactive touchscreen monitor

10.1" Driver Monitor

CP5 Touchscreen mDVR Dash monitor

Vehicle Cameras & Accessories

interior vehicle windshield camera

Front Facing Camera

Interior Camera
Driver facing truck camera

Driver Facing Camera

Interior Camera

License Plate Mount Camera

Exterior Camera

Dual Facing Dash Cameras

Interior Camera

Side Mirror Camera

Exterior Camera

2023 Side Camera

Exterior Camera w/ Audio

2023 Side Camera

Exterior Camera
truck side view camera

2019 Side Camera

Exterior Camera
truck camera rear

Rear Camera

Exterior Camera
Interior vehicle camera from skEYEvue

Interior Dome

Interior Camera
Semi Truck Wireless Camera System

Wireless Camera

Exterior / Interior Camera
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