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Concrete truck cameras from skEYEvue

Concrete Truck Cameras

A high-resolution feature packed commercial truck camera system designed for concrete trucks.

Concrete Truck Cams

There are so many useful ways a truck camera system can help improve concrete fleet management. Concrete truck cams can help improve safety, solve roadway disputes and even improve customer service!

GPS fleet tracking with vehicle camera

First, let’s take a look at how our heavy equipment camera system solves roadway disputes and improves safety. Occasionally on the roadways, concrete producers may receive random complaints from locals about their trucks operating carelessly on the road. Perhaps the complaint stated a driver was allegedly texting while driving or driving recklessly. In the past, it was difficult to know which complaints were legitimate or not. With skEYEvue truck cameras and integrated GPS tracking, business owners can easily solve such disputes with vehicle surveillance. If after reviewing surveillance and a complaint was deemed legitimate, then concrete fleet managers can use that footage to coach their drivers. That alone should improve fleet safety while reducing while also solving roadway disputes. Not too mention any kind of illegitimate insurance claims.

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Cameras For Ready Mix Trucks Will Improve Customer Service!

Having a concrete truck camera system also improves customer service. The video surveillance alone helps with solving any customer disputes about on-site deliveries. Say a customer claims that a concrete producer didn’t deliver on their end of the bargain, now there is recorded video evidence from the truck cameras to solve such disputes.

What's Included in Our Concrete Truck Camera System?

Ready mix truck cameras
Ready mix truck cameras

Ready Mix Truck Cameras for Vehicle Surveillance.

Are you tired of fighting property damage claims against your concrete truck drivers? Perhaps you’re not confident if the claims are legitimate. Well those days are over! Our ready mix truck cameras do more than just help the driver’s visibility. Our truck cams are also recording everything around the vehicle in near 360°. This comes in handy just in case video surveillance is needed to dispute unlawful or illegitimate claims against your concrete business.

Side Cameras for Concrete Trucks.

The side view cameras for concrete trucks is one of the most useful cameras a concrete company can get. So much stuff can happen on the roadways or during deliveries at job sites. Only settling for dash and backup cameras will cause missing video surveillance from the sides of each truck.

Dash Cameras for Concrete Trucks with Optional Artificial Intelligence.

Recording dash cameras are great for ready mix trucks. They’re very helpful in case shenanigans happens on the roadways, especially in the front view. Simply roll back the recorded footage from the trucks DVR to expose safety issues or shenanigans from other drivers. skEYEvue also has an optional driver facing camera as well as artificial intelligence to detect, track and alert managers about bad driving behaviors such as driver distractions, texting, driver fatigue, forward collision, follow distance and more. AI-Powered camera solutions then click here to learn more: Smart Dash Cams

Backup Camera For Concrete Trucks

Backup cameras are nothing unusual for concrete trucks. They’re great safety devices! What’s not common is a fully integrated backup camera that is always recording and integrates with a powerful truck camera system that is storing video surveillance from all angles. Our backup camera’s surveillance footage will certainly solve any disputes that happen on the rear end of a concrete truck.

Concrete Ready Mix Truck Camera with GPS

Managing a fleet of concrete trucks is now easier than ever, because skEYEvue GPS cameras have built in location tracking! Get detailed trip history for every ready mix truck and see the real time locations of mixer trucks using just one dashboard! Now you can track your vehicle’s locations and video feeds in real time with our GPS fleet tracking system.

Concrete Truck Camera System
no long term contracts for skeyevue

We're More Than Camera Company!

We certainly believe that we have the best commercial truck camera solution on the market! Especially for ready mix & volumetric concrete producers. However, we offer so much more than just cameras. We have a developed a full platform of fleet management software products for the concrete and construction materials industry.

Concrete Fleet Management Solutions

Concrete Truck Dash Cam System

View Your Concrete Truck Cameras in real time & on the go!

On-The-Go Live Viewing

With the power of 4G LTE networks, skEYEvue customers can view their concrete truck cameras in real time, even if their mixer trucks are over-the-road and thousands of miles away. Even better, fleet managers can "live view" their fleet cameras on the go with skEYEvue mobile app.

On-The-Go GPS Tracking

View your entire concrete truck fleet on one single map right on your mobile device. Instantly see which trucks are active or inactive. Learn how fast they're traveling and which direction they are going.

vehicle and truck camera mobile app

On-The-Go monitoring

The skEYEvue mobile app is now available in the iOS App Store & Google Play Store. Now fleet managers can monitor their concrete mixer truck fleet cameras on-the-go.

On-The-Go Downloading

Easily request video snippets of up to 30 minute in length to download directly to your mobile device or computer. Video downloads are also stored in the cloud forever.


FAQs About Our Commercial Vehicle Camera System.

Common answers to common questions about the skEYEvue Commercial Vehicle Camera System.

Yes! Our vehicle cameras include a touch screen dash monitor that is mounted near the driver’s line of sight. Very similar to a back up camera which allows the driver to glance at the monitor to see what the cameras are seeing in real time. With this touch screen monitor, drivers can easily toggle through all of the cameras views and/or set up split screens. This is especially helpful when navigating in tight spaces and around difficult terrain!

Yes, our cameras feature night vision mode which enables an IR function as well as an auto electronic shutter and auto white balance. These night vision features assist with viewing night footage nearly as clear as day.

If needed, our vehicle camera platform can support up to 8 cameras per vehicle max. Generally, we recommend at least a configuration of 4 to 5 cameras per vehicle. With a 5 camera configuration, trucks and vehicles will have coverage of all 4 sides, including a driver facing dashboard camera that faces the driver. 4 camera configs will only have a front facing dash cam which prevents video recording of the the driver.

Our standard X3 Core has 8-channels which supports 6 A/V cameras + 2 additional IPC cameras.

It really depends on the camera configuration per vehicle. Example: With skEYEvue, a (4) camera configuration can hold up to 350 – 400 hours of loop recording surveillance on a 1-terabyte hard drive. If there are more than 4 cameras, then it will take up more space, which reduces the hours of storage. On the other hand, if there are less than (4) cameras, then more hours of footage can be stored.

*We also offer upgradable storage options for more space, if needed.

Loop recording is the process of continually recording without any stoppage. This means if a surveillance DVR stores 300 hours of footage, then the oldest recorded video footage will be recorded over by the newest footage. The recording loop process never ends. The skEYEvue system also uses the loop recording process.

The current version of the skEYEvue X3 Core DVR does not require SD cards. Alternatively, the X3 Core uses an internal SSD hard drive. However the next iteration of the X3 will include a SD card slot for triggered event recording in the event of a catastrophic accident. For instance, if the SSD hard drive fails due to a bad car accident, the SD card slot will have backup footage from the trigger event. This new SD card feature should be released in late 2021 / early 2022.

Parking mode is when a camera system continues to record, even if the vehicle is parked with the ignition off. skEYEvue does have an option to initiate parking mode. By default, our surveillance system records for 45 minutes before shutting down with ignition off. If requested, we do have an option for extending parking mode up to 23 hours and 59 minutes max.

Vehicle Blackbox DVR is an extremely important electronic component of a commercial truck camera system. It is a rugged device that protects the data stored on your vehicle’s recording and telematics system. The hard drive or SD card within the blackbox will store video footage collected from the vehicle or truck surveillance system much like our skEYEwatch X3 Core. – Let’s say there was an accident causing total destruction to a vehicle or truck! Law-enforcement investigators want to search for the vehicle’s blackbox, so they can investigate what caused the accident. The data and surveillance footage stored on the vehicle blackbox DVR will also help with insurance investigations and settling claims. It also becomes an extremely important fleet safety and driver coaching tool, especially if the data shows that a particular accident could’ve been avoided.

Smart Dash Cameras

AI Powered Dash Camera with Scorecard

Driver Safety Scorecard System

AI-Powered Dashboard Cameras Detect the following:

AI-Powered Driving Facing Camera Detects Driver Behaviors and Events

Smart Dash Cams for Detecting Driving Behaviors

The skEYEvue AI-powered smart dash camera detects all kinds of driving behaviors such as driver fatigue, distractions and more! This cutting-edge technology also provides a built in scorecard to promote good driving behavior.

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