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Fleet Management Software

It's not just fleet management software, it's Smart Fleet Technology!

When it comes to the very best in fleet management software, our customers trust Smart Fleet Technology from skEYEwatch. We have developed a wide range of fleet management and business applications to assist companies with improving their operations while boosting their productivity.

Vehicle & Truck Cameras

Commercial vehicle cams for your truck or vehicle fleets. These multi-mounted cameras offer a near 360° view around each vehicle in your fleet. These truck cameras are great for improving customer service by recording business transactions at delivery sites. Not to mention, limit legal risk from roadway incidence. skEYEvue is the vehicle camera system that everyone has every dreamed up. Our fleet camera system is also modular and can be customized to do just about anything the market has to offer.


Dispatch Fleet Management

Dispatch360 is the ultimate dispatch fleet management system for ready mix concrete, aggregate, or for any construction material hauling company. Our order entry not only uses product and pricing details to submit sales orders to billing, but it also integrates with our paperless ticketing system automatically, reducing redundancy in data entry. Further more, our demand graph feature will reveal exactly how many driver/trucks will be needed for each day’s fulfillment. Dispatch360 is also compatible with most 3rd party ticketing and tracking solutions including our own.

Tracking & Reporting Software

skEYEtrax is an instant live tracking and reporting application used by fleet managers and owners. With skEYEtrax, you’ll gain insights into key performance indicators about your fleet operations. Generate useful custom reports that support your management’s decision making. Also, with our instant auto statusing dashboard, dispatchers can see exactly what stage of the delivery cycle their trucks are in. All of that and more! skEYEtrax is one of the most underrated, but most useful tools in our entire product offerings.

Push to Talk Service

Using a quality push-to-talk service is the safest way for dispatch operators to communicate with their drivers. skEYEtalk is DOT compliant and loaded with so many amazing features. If you’re managing a fleet of drivers then safe communication should be at the top of your list.

Paperless Load Ticketing

This fleet management application is a must have if you’re still managing paper load tickets! Say hello to a more efficient/cost saving load ticketing system. A brand new cloud based ticketing software solution for concrete, aggregate, asphalt and paving companies. Not to mention, DOT compliant.

Emergency Lighting Solutions

Emergency and safety light solutions for your commercial trucks, law-enforcement and first responders vehicles. Complete catalog includes multi colored lightbars, perimeter lights, sirens, speakers, controllers and more!

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