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Tow Truck & Repo Truck Camera System

The best tow truck truck cameras & repo truck cameras in existence!

There are many tow truck surveillance systems on the market, but none of them have all of the features that our fleet camera system provides. Let’s take a look at the awesome features that our truck camera system provides to the tow truck & repo truck industry.
Tow Truck Camera System

Best Tow Truck System for 2023

Our tow truck cameras will give you a full 360° view around your vehicle.  Secondly, our cameras are recording to a huge 2 terabyte 8-channel mobile digital video recorder (mDVR). Lastly, our fleet camera system is mobile connected with 4G LTE which allows fleet managers to view their vehicle cameras online with a computer and internet browser. Why would a tow truck company need such a feature-loaded vehicle camera system? Well, keep reading below and let’s dive into it…

Tow Truck and Repo Truck Camera System

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Tow & Repo Truck Cameras

Multi View Tow Truck Cameras | 360 Truck Cameras

Having a 360 degree camera system for tow trucks is especially helpful for two main reasons. For one, drivers can use them as safety back up and turn signal cameras by using a multi view touchscreen dash monitor. This helps keep an eye out for any potential dangers or accidents that may occur while towing. Secondly, a camera system with a superior field of view helps capture recorded surveillance as evidence in case any incidents or mayhem take place around your repo or tow trucks.

Tow Truck Camera System with 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder

Next, let’s mention the amazing mDVR that records and stores footage from up to 8 vehicle cameras simultaneously. Not to mention, several weeks worth of loop recorded footage stored on a 2-terabyte SSD. This is especially important when your trucks are dispatched to jobs and out recovering vehicles. Our full HD video surveillance will help solve any disputes such as property damage and pre-existing vehicle damage. For example: Someone says, “Your tow truck driver damaged my car.” Now tow truck companies have a tool to investigate further into determining the legitimacy of these disputes.

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Tow Truck Camera System Mobile App

View Your Tow Truck Cameras in real time & on the go!

On-The-Go Live Viewing

With the power of 4G LTE networks, skEYEvue customers can view their tow truck cameras in real time, even if their wrecker/repo trucks are over-the-road and thousands of miles away. Even better, fleet managers can "live view" their fleet cameras on the go with skEYEvue mobile app.

On-The-Go GPS Tracking

View your entire tow truck fleet on one single map right on your mobile device. Instantly see which trucks are active or inactive. Learn how fast they're traveling and which direction they are going.

vehicle and truck camera mobile app

On-The-Go monitoring

The skEYEvue mobile app is now available in the iOS App Store & Google Play Store. Now fleet managers can monitor their tow truck fleet cameras on-the-go.

On-The-Go Downloading

Easily request video snippets of up to 30 minute in length to download directly to your mobile device or computer. Video downloads are also stored in the cloud forever.

What’s Included in Our Tow Truck Camera System?

Towing Wrecker Truck Camera System
Towing Wrecker Truck Camera System

Tow Truck Surveillance Cameras

4G LTE Live-Stream | Review & Download Recorded Surveillance From the mDVR Over-the-Internet

Let’s talk about the amazing benefits of having a 4G LTE mobile connected fleet camera system. This will allow owners and dispatchers to monitor their entire tow truck fleet from anywhere in the world. All they’ll need is a computer, web browser and an internet connection.

This will be helpful in case a manager needs to get involved and see what’s going on with their trucks and drivers. Example: Managers can view the truck’s live camera stream over-the-internet to help drivers with making informed decisions about how best to handle a situation. With the digital video recorder and the 4G connection, there will also be zero down time for the truck. The fleet manager can use the skEYEvue online dashboard to review and download video evidence without halting productivity. This helps keep the wheels turning and the money coming without wasting time and fidgeting around with the onboard DVR.

Side Cameras for Repo Trucks

One of the most important vehicle cameras for any repo/tow truck company are the side view cameras. Why? Because a lot of shenanigans can happen around a truck, especially on the sides and certainly during an active repossession. Many times altercations can break out on the sides of the truck, especially when a driver is outside of the vehicle and hooking up an illegally parked vehicle. Not to mention, many roadway incidents aren’t always happening in the front and the rear of the vehicle.

Side Cameras with Audio Mics for Repo Trucks

In May 2023, we introduced our latest mini truck side camera with built-in microphone. Now you’ll be able to capture crystal clear video and audio

Dash Cams for Tow Trucks

Front facing dash cameras for tow trucks are great to have just in case anything happens in the front of the vehicle. No one really knows when something is going to go down, but having that peace of mind with a full coverage camera system, including a dash cam will definitely save the day in the future.

If you are looking for our AI-Powered cameras OR driver facing cameras, we have those, too! Check them out here: AI Powered Dash Cams.

Backup Camera for Tow Trucks

If there’s any type of vehicle that can use a backup camera, it’s definitely a tow or a repo truck. It’ll make the job much easier when you’re backing up to hook up a car. Tow truck backup cams will promote safety and reduce damage claims.

Repo Truck Camera with GPS

Managing a fleet of tow trucks is now easier than ever! Why? Because our vehicle cameras have built-in GPS fleet tracking. Open up a map and see exactly where all of your tow trucks are on a single map. From the map you can click on the truck icons to access the live-streaming video feed.

Wrecker Recovery Tow Truck Camera System
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Tow Truck and Repo Truck Camera System
Tow Truck and Repo Truck Camera System


FAQs About Our Tow Truck Camera System.

Common answers to common questions about our tow truck cameras.

Yes, many tow trucks do have cameras, but not all. It all depends on the type of camera in question. There are 2 types of cameras on the market; Safety cameras and surveillance cameras. Many trucks produced in the last decade in the U.S. have safety backup cameras installed from the factory. Many tow truck owners are finding extreme value in vehicle camera systems, because they help reduce insurance legal claims and solve customer disputes. Not to mention, the potential savings from your insurance rates.

There are 2 storage options and configurations that a repo, tow or wrecker truck companies may want to use in for their fleet.

5-Channel mDVR: A very common configuration is our 5-channel camera system. This vehicle camera system will support from 1 to 4 A/V cameras + 1 IPC camera. This would be our cheapest option that starts around $999.99 (product only). Installation and wiring fees are additional, if needed.

8-Channel mDVR: We also have an optional 8-channel system. This system supports 6 A/V cameras + 2 IPC cameras. This particular system also has (optional) advanced fleet management tools that can be integrated. This platform is capable of advanced fleet tracking, telematics, custom sensor integration, vehicle maintenance, and so much more! For something as advanced as this, we recommend that you use our request form here: Request a Demo.

Other common names for tow truck backup cams are hook up cams, reverse cameras, rearview cams, and rear facing cameras.

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