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Company Overview

At skEYEwatch, we pride ourselves on being more than just a name in the fleet management sector; we’re your dedicated partners in driving fleet efficiency, safety, and unparalleled performance. If you operate a fleet of commercial vehicles, we have solutions tailored just for you. Our expertise doesn’t just end with vehicle surveillance. It extends to tools like customer order and dispatch systems, telematics solutions, push-to-talk services, and cutting-edge GPS tracking. While our software caters to a broad spectrum of industry requirements, we recognize that every business has its unique challenges. This understanding drives us to offer tailor-made solutions and dashboards, ensuring that your specific needs are always met.

Our Values & Philosophy

At the core of skEYEwatch lies an unwavering commitment to our clients. When you reach out to us, you’re not getting a one-size-fits-all approach. You’re getting a solution built around you. Because we believe in local, personalized service, when you call, you’re instantly connected to a U.S. based technician who understands your challenges. Gone are the days of frustrating holds or department transfers; with skEYEwatch, it’s all about swift, effective solutions tailored to you. While many might choose the route of outsourcing their customer service, we cherish and uphold the power of personal, local connections. Our aim? To build lifelong relationships by being the trusted, customizable solution provider businesses turn to, time and again.


Our mission at skEYEwatch is to revolutionize the fleet management landscape by offering more than just solutions; we offer peace of mind, efficiency, and an edge in an ever-competitive market. By integrating innovative technology with unparalleled customer service, we empower businesses to reach their highest potential.


We foresee a future where fleet management is streamlined, risks are minimized, and businesses across various industries rely on skEYEwatch to navigate the complexities of fleet operations. A future where technology and humanity come together for optimal efficiency and growth.

Our Origin Story

A Story About Our Past, Present and Future

Our journey began not as a product, but as a service. Emerging as a “Managed Service Provider”, our primary clientele was companies entrenched in the concrete and construction materials sector. We took on the mantle of supporting these businesses, helping them navigate their fleet dispatch software and complex IT networks. Over time, a pattern became strikingly evident – these businesses were tethered to third-party software solutions that, candidly put, were subpar. These off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter systems were plagued with inefficiencies, outdated frameworks, and what was even more exasperating, an abysmal customer service experience.

For years, we played the role of the troubleshooters, patching up issues and trying to enhance the performance of these systems. But with the dawn of cloud-based infrastructures, an epiphany struck: Why not build a solution that embodied everything these systems lacked? We had the expertise, the insights into the pros and cons, and most importantly, a vision to deliver unparalleled fleet management solutions.

Thus, skEYEwatch was born.

Our mission wasn’t just to be another name in the market. We wanted to craft the zenith of fleet management tools – ones that operated seamlessly, requiring minimal support, a far cry from the clunky systems of old. And while our primary focus was to revolutionize customer service, our ambition always remained: to provide tools that simply worked.

Parallel to this evolution, another serendipitous discovery was taking shape. While we concentrated on elevating the concrete and construction materials sector, we ventured into creating a commercial truck surveillance system. What started as a sideline project, primarily to bolster security, safety, and efficiency, soon took a life of its own. We had inadvertently crafted a surveillance tool that was outclassing existing products in the market. Initially a secondary offering, it has since evolved into one of our cornerstone products, serving a wide range of industries.

Today, skEYEwatch stands as a testament to our journey, our learnings, and our undying commitment to excellence. From being the troubleshooters to becoming the game-changers, we’ve come a long way, and our story is just beginning.

The Timeline: A Journey of Innovation & Excellence

Historic Timeline View of skEYEwatch
1993 - The Genesis:

The journey begins with Cenrix Systems, a managed support provider founded by Bill Callahan. From the start, our mission centered around supporting and streamlining tech processes for businesses.

2016: The Spark of Transformation

As frustrations mounted over the limitations and inefficiencies of existing solutions, Bill Callahan and Tommy Oversmith, close friends and collaborators, began envisioning an improved system. Thus, the spark for skEYEwatch was ignited.

2018: Birth of a Vision

The year marks the official birth of skEYEwatch, an independently American owned & operated fleet technology company. With a fresh perspective and innovative approach, new and transformative technology begins to unfold.

2019: Collaboration & Refinement

The early versions of our cloud based tracking software are released to Beta testers. Beta testing commenced with the invaluable assistance of leading companies like Jahna Concrete and Tresca Concrete. These firms, having experienced the drawbacks of other fleet management systems, eagerly collaborated, believing in our vision and potential.

2020: Camera Systems Ascend

Our state-of-the-art camera systems started making waves, signaling the rise of skEYEwatch as an industry game-changer in the fleet surveillance sector with skEYEvue.

Present: Leading the Pack

Today, skEYEwatch stands tall, embodying innovation and superior customer experience, guiding businesses toward greater heights.

The Future and Beyond: Infinite Horizons

Our eyes are fixed on tomorrow, with a relentless spirit of innovation. As we journey onward, the path gleams with potential, and the promise of setting new benchmarks in fleet management technology. Join us as we shape the future.

Ready for a Fleet Transformation?

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