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Front and Rear Dash Camera

The best front and rear dash camera system on the market. Now with optional side cameras!

Front And Rear Dash Camera​

skEYEvue Front and Rear HD Vehicle Camera Kit

Allow us to introduce you to the best front and rear dash camera system on the market, the skEYEvue Front & Rear HD Vehicle Camera Kit. What makes this vehicle camera system so great is the fact that it’s modular. If all you need is the front and rear facing cameras, then this system is the perfect solution. However, this system also allows owners to add even more cameras for more coverage, if needed.

Add more cameras, if desired!

Perhaps down the road you’re enjoying your brand new front & rear dash camera system and thought to yourself, “I wish my vehicle had more cameras.” Well we have good news! The mDVR that comes with the front & rear dash camera kit has a total of 5-channels. This means users can optionally add up to 3 additional cameras for more coverage. Example: (1) front camera, (1) rear camera, (2) side cameras and (1) interior camera.

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Front and Rear Dash Cameras

Best Features of Front & Rear Dash Camera System

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Front & Rear Vehicle Camera with 3 Additional Channels

This front & rear dash camera system is modular allowing users add up to 5 cameras total if needed. 5 CH (AHD*4+IPC*1) : The M1N supports up to 4 audio/video channels + 1 IPC channels (video only).

We also have another option for up to 8 cams with the X3 Core fleet camera system.

4G/LTE Wireless Connection

4G/EVDO/WCDMA/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE : Used for live viewing and remote management. View your vehicle cameras and mDVR surveillance in real time from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and your fleet is within a cellular network.

H.265/H.264 Compatible

H.265/H.264 encoding and decoding to improve the memory space utilization

GPS for location tracking

Commercial vehicle dash camera system with GPS tracking capabilities. See your vehicles in real-time on a map and track your vehicles speed in real time. Our units also record breadcrumb data so admins can review past locations and trips.

Wireless Camera

Our skEYEvue camera system now has the option to add-on an optional wireless camera. This is perfect for vehicles that have trailers or mounted forklifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of May 2022, our front and rear dash camera kits from skEYEvue costs around $1,299.90 (*ballpark estimated pricing subject to change). This is for hardware only.

Additional Costs: Professional installation, shipping, taxes and optional skEYEvue service fees. These additional fees are not included in the rate above.

When customers order the front and rear dash camera kit from skEYEwatch, we ship all of the necessary hardware and accessories needed for proper installation.

This includes the following.

  • (1) 5 Channel mDVR (M1N)
  • (1) 128GB SD Card
  • (1) 7-inch Dash Monitor
  • (1) Monitor to mDVR Cable
  • (1) Front Facing Windshield Camera
  • (1) Rear Facing Camera
  • (1) Wiring Kit

Our system is designed for commercial fleet operators. Installers should have a basic understanding of vehicle wiring such as power, ground and ignition. Anyone with a technical background in car audio/video should find installing our systems relatively simple, easy and straight forward.

If you do NOT have technical background with vehicle wiring, then we recommend that you seek professional installation.

Below are some additional cost associated with skEYEvue camera systems.

  • Professional installation (Call for Quote)
  • Shipping (Call for Quote)
  • Sales Taxes (Call for Quote)
  • skEYEvue service fees. (*$59 / month)

* Estimated rates as of 5/11/2022. Prices subject to change. 

Concrete truck cameras from skEYEvue

Fleet Camera System

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