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Wherever you are—from the sunny shores of Florida, the bustling cities of the East Coast, to the heartland of the Midwest—we’re seeking individuals who are driven by passion, innovation, and challenges.

Roles We Regularly Offer:

Installation Team

Installer: Play a pivotal role by setting up and integrating a diverse range of cutting-edge fleet technology equipment, ensuring optimal performance for our clients across various terrains.

Support Team

Technical Support: Spearhead customer onboarding, offer stellar technical support, and partner with Installation for device prep and QA. Ensure excellence in every interaction.

Development Team

Developer: Shape the digital landscape of fleet management. Craft transformative solutions and innovate continuously to meet the evolving demands of a dynamic industry.

Sales Team

Sales Pro: Foster lasting relationships and drive our growth. Understand client needs, champion our solutions, and ensure skEYEwatch remains a front-runner in fleet tech.

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Step into the future of Smart Fleet Technology with skEYEwatch. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a passionate newcomer, if you share our drive for innovation, we want to hear from you. Dive in, fill out the application below, and embark on an exciting journey with us.

Why Join skEYEwatch?

Pioneering Spirit: Be at the helm of industry evolution.

Vast Opportunities: With our expansion into myriad sectors, every day brings a new challenge.

Culture of Innovation: A place where your ideas can shape the future.

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