Commercial Vehicle Camera System

Introducing skEYEvue… A high-resolution feature packed vehicle camera system designed for commercial fleet operators.

skEYEvue Vehicle Camera System

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360 Vehicle Camera

Nothing gets past our 360 vehicle camera system. skEYEvue’s multi-mounted fleet cameras can provide an unobstructed view with optimal viewing angles of everything happening around a driver’s truck or vehicle. Video footage can be seen in real time or played back in full HD directly from the onboard DVR.

GPS fleet tracking with vehicle camera

Fleet management is now easier than ever, because skEYEvue cameras have built in gps! Get your hands on detailed trip history for every truck and see the real time locations of all vehicles using just one dashboard! Now you can track your vehicle’s locations and video feeds in real time with our GPS fleet tracking system.

Why Should You Choose Our Vehicle Camera System?

Vehicle Camera System

A Fleet Camera System That Reduces Illegitimate Claims.

Are you frustrated with your current fleet camera system? Tired of paying for insurance claims that are fraudulent? Your employees have been involved in several accidents and you suspect they were not all legitimate. You’ve tried hanging a dash cam in your windshield, but it has rarely worked for you!  

Imagine having a fleet camera system that can capture everything around your vehicles in a near 360° view. We have great news! -This technology has arrived! 

No more false claims or surprises!

Introducing skEYEvue – A fleet camera system that will help reduce collision claims by capturing evidence from near 360° in the event of an incident like sideswipes and rear end collisions. These types of collisions are difficult to see on simple dash cams since they only capture footage from one perspective – not anymore with skEYEwatch’s 360 truck camera system!

With our multi-mounted cameras, we have more angles than any other vehicle surveillance system out there today. In fact, our platform will support up to 8 cameras per vehicle. No more guessing who’s at fault! The days of illegitimate claims are finally over! You’re insurance company will thank you!

Not just an accident camera. Our vehicle cameras are always recording.

Our vehicle camera system captures more than just your accidents. skEYEvue’s fleet cameras are always recording, unlike other AI-Powered dash cams, which only start recording when something happens such as a jolt or hard brake. This empowers drivers to have greater peace of mind about their driving skills plus false accusations can be easily proven wrong with our high-quality footage showing the whole story from start to finish.

Our vehicle cameras improve customer service.

There’s nothing like a little good ol’ fashioned accountability to keep the wheels of any company running smoothly. skEYEvue Vehicle Cameras are no exception and now we’ve taken it up another notch with an amazing feature that can store footage from your vehicle deliveries at your customer job sites. Let’s say, for example, one of your customers claims you haven’t delivered on what was supposed to be an agreed upon service. Now all you have to do is pull video evidence straight off the DVR, so there isn’t a single detail missed – leaving absolutely zero room for dispute or confusion about who deserves blame (or credit!) when things go wrong… 

View your vehicle’s live video feed from anywhere in the world.

Now you can always be in control of your fleet vehicle cameras with skEYEvue! Our cutting-edge 4G LTE mobile camera solution allows users to view their vehicles’ live video feed from anywhere. It comes complete with an online dashboard for login and checking up on drivers. Dispatchers have remote access to their driver’s live video feed, so they can help them navigate through difficult terrain. Also, managers can remotely request-to-download recorded video clips from the vehicle’s onboard DVR, even if the vehicle is offsite and in-motion.

Smart Dash Cameras aka AI-Powered Cams (optional feature)

Triggered event recording is an artificial intelligence vehicle camera feature that other smart dash companies offer. Sometimes new technology like this will make drivers feel uncomfortable; – like they’re being watched 24/7. That said, we understand companies are hesitate going full AI on their driver’s performance, especially if it hasn’t been a major problem in the past. Consequently, rather than making artificial intelligence a standard featured, we’ve made it completely optional for now, so that you can choose how to use your smart dash cams appropriately.

If you are looking for our AI-Powered camera solutions then click here to learn more: Smart Dash Cams

skEYEwatch X3 Core

Full HD vehicle surveillance system records to a rugged onboard DVR.

skEYEvue cameras capture full hd video footage with with optimal frame rates. With a 4 camera configuration, the skEYEvue X3 Core DVR can store up to 6-7 weeks of recorded footage. With different configurations available, you may even be able to upgrade your device for more storage and mount up to 8 cameras per vehicle.

Remote Access To The Vehicle Camera System DVR with Cloud Retrieval

When you need to know what happened during your driver’s trips, the footage recorded to your vehicle’s DVR is priceless.  With skEYEvue’s cloud storage retrieval feature and unlimited space for video clips, requesting a clip has never been easier – Request videos clips from your system’s DVR even if they are off-site & in-motion. 

Whether it’s your driver’s fault or an illegitimate complaint, with skEYEvue, you can now address public complaints about your driver’s performance immediately.

Vehicle Camera Solutions for ALL Commercial Vehicles & Trucks

  • Dump Truck Cameras
  • Armored Truck Cameras
  • Garbage Truck Cameras
  • Police Car Cameras
  • Semi Truck Cameras
  • Moffett Truck Cameras
  • Crane Truck Cameras

  • Concrete Truck Cameras
  • Delivery Van Cameras
  • Box Truck Cameras
  • Motorcoach Cameras
  • Transit Bus Cameras
  • School Bus Cameras
  • Block Truck Cameras

Commercial Vehicle & Truck Camera Systems

We have fleet camera solutions for all types of commercial truck and vehicle types. Whether you’re managing a fleet of concrete trucks, dump trucks, box trucks, or delivery vans; we have a solution for you!

Owner of truck camera systems | Conley Jahna

We love our commercial truck camera system from skEYEwatch! I don’t know how we operated without them for so long. The investment has already paid for itself within the first couple months of using them. We operate a large fleet of concrete and aggregate hauling trucks in Sebring, FL. Big construction trucks like ours are targets for fraudulent claims. Before we started using skEYEvue, we seemed to be shelling out tons of money to settle random claims; – even when we weren’t so sure if the claims were legitimate. It was their word versus ours. We don’t like upsetting our local town, so we just settled to make them go away.

After we installed the 360 vehicle cameras, we found that more than 3/4 of the time, the recorded videos from our cameras were clearing us from wrong doing. Now we have unobstructed / undeniable video evidence to protect us. It is one of the best investments we ever made!

– Conley Jahna

Owner, Jahna Concrete Inc of Avon Park, FL

vehicle camera system

FAQs About Our Commercial Vehicle Camera System.

Common answers to common questions about the skEYEvue Commercial Vehicle Camera System.

Does the skEYEvue vehicle camera system include a dash monitor for the drivers?

Yes! Our vehicle cameras include a touch screen dash monitor that is mounted near the driver’s line of sight. Very similar to a back up camera which allows the driver to glance at the monitor to see what the cameras are seeing in real time. With this touch screen monitor, drivers can easily toggle through all of the cameras views and/or set up split screens. This is especially helpful when navigating in tight spaces and around difficult terrain!

Do skEYEvue commercial vehicle cameras have a night vision mode?

Yes, our cameras feature night vision mode which enables an IR function as well as an auto electronic shutter and auto white balance. These night vision features assist with viewing night footage nearly as clear as day.

How many cameras does skEYEvue support?

If needed, our vehicle camera platform can support up to 8 cameras per vehicle max. Generally, we recommend at least a configuration of 4 to 5 cameras per vehicle. With a 5 camera configuration, trucks and vehicles will have coverage of all 4 sides, including a dual dash cam that faces the driver. 4 camera configs will only have a front facing dash camera which prevents video recording of the the driver.

How many hours of full HD footage does the DVR hold with skEYEvue?

It really depends on the camera configuration per vehicle. Example: With skEYEvue, a (4) camera configuration can hold up to 350 – 400 hours of loop recording surveillance on a 1-terabyte hard drive. If there are more than 4 cameras, then it will take up more space, which reduces the hours of storage. On the other hand, if there are less than (4) cameras, then more hours of footage can be stored.

*We also offer upgradable storage options for more space, if needed.

What is loop recording?

Loop recording is the process of continually recording without any stoppage. This means if a surveillance DVR stores 300 hours of footage, then the oldest recorded video footage will be recorded over by the newest footage. The recording loop process never ends. The skEYEvue system also uses the loop recording process.

Does the skEYEvue 360 truck camera system use SD cards?

The current version of the skEYEvue X3 Core DVR does not require SD cards. Alternatively, the X3 Core uses an internal SSD hard drive. However the next iteration of the X3 will include a SD card slot for triggered event recording in the event of a catastrophic accident. For instance, if the SSD hard drive fails due to a bad car accident, the SD card slot will have backup footage from the trigger event. This new SD card feature should be released in late 2021 / early 2022.

What is parking mode and does skEYEvue have this feature?

Parking mode is when a camera system continues to record, even if the vehicle is parked with the ignition off. skEYEvue does have an option to initiate parking mode. By default, our surveillance system records for 45 minutes before shutting down with ignition off. If requested, we do have an “always recording – parking mode” as well.

AI Cameras that Detect the following:

• Driver Distractions

• Yawning

• Smoking

• Seat belt

• Forward Collision

• No Driver

• Phone Detection

• Driver Fatigue

• Lane Departure

• Right BSD

• Follow Distance


Smart Vehicle Dash Camera System

Smart Dash Cams for Detecting Driving Behaviors

The skEYEvue AI-powered smart dash camera detects all kinds of driving behaviors such as driver fatigue, distractions and more! This cutting-edge technology also provides a built in scorecard to promote good driving behavior.

skeyevue vehicle cameras

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