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Semi Truck Camera System For Safety and Security

The best semi truck camera system for tractor trailers, big rigs & 18 wheelers!

Welcome to skEYEwatch, where we’re passionate about vehicle security and safety. Introducing our advanced semi truck camera system – a modern solution for maximum surveillance and security for your truck. Our skEYEvue system gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “keeping an eye on the road”. Our truck camera system is advanced, user-friendly, reliable, and highly efficient, with cutting-edge technology.

8-Channel Mobile Digital Video Recorder (mDVR) - X5

Camera Systems for Semi Trucks

A Robust 8-Channel mDVR

At the core of our skEYEvue system is the rugged 8-channel mDVR (Model X5N shown above). This powerhouse is designed to handle continuous recording from up to 8 cameras simultaneously, providing nearly 360° coverage of your vehicle. Unlike triggered recording systems that often miss incidents, the skEYEvue’s continuous recording ensures nothing escapes its watchful eye. With our system, you’re not just driving your semi truck – you’re commanding a big rig equipped with an advanced tractor trailer camera system.

Not to mention, our semi truck surveillance system includes GPS tracking and is internet connected with remote management web browser application!

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Duel Facing Dash Camera

Semi Truck Dash Camera Options

We understand that different drivers have different needs. That’s why our semi truck dash cameras come in two options: a front-facing camera or a dual front and driver-facing camera. These cameras are designed to capture everything happening on the road and in the driver’s seat. They even come with an optional microphone that can be toggled on or off, giving you complete control over your surveillance system.

Side cameras for trucks. Mounts to truck side mirrors.

Side Cameras for Enhanced Visibility

Visibility is critical when maneuvering a semi truck, and our semi truck side cameras are here to ensure you never miss a thing. You can choose between side mirror mounted cameras or surface-mounted truck cameras, both designed to offer a wide field of view, minimizing blind spots and enhancing safety.

truck camera rear

Semi Truck Backup Camera Options

Backing up a semi truck, especially when hooking up a trailer, can be tricky. But with our semi truck backup cameras, it’s a breeze. We offer a standard rugged square camera that mounts on the back of the truck’s cab, providing a clear view of what’s behind you. Like all our security cameras for semi trucks, the backup camera is always recording.

Quick Connect Cables for Cameras for Tractor Trailers

Our quick connect cables make it easy to connect trailer cameras to your truck. These cables are designed to withstand the rigors of the road while ensuring your 18 wheeler camera system remains connected and operational.

semi truck dome camera

Dome Cameras for Cargo Area Surveillance

Our dome camera is a top pick and for good reason. You can mount it inside your truck’s trailer to keep a close watch on your cargo.

It’s more than just about security; it’s about accountability and fostering trust with your customers. If anything goes awry with the cargo, you’re on top of it. Plus, our quick connect cables make the task of attaching and detaching the camera straightforward during trailer operations.

Semi Truck Wireless Camera System

Semi Truck Wireless Camera System

For those who prefer to keep things wire-free, we offer an excellent wireless camera option. It’s a fantastic alternative for fleet owners who’d rather not deal with running cables. Our system features a quick pair button, making it the easiest wireless system on the market for pairing semi trucks with trailer cameras. However, do keep in mind that the camera taps into the trailer’s electrical system, so it’s not entirely wireless. Regardless, it offers an effortless connection process, simplifying your setup while maintaining a comprehensive view of your vehicle.

vehicle truck camera system mdvr monitor

Boost Safety with an Optional Dash Monitor

Take safety up a notch with our optional dash monitor. It gives drivers the ability to toggle through all truck cameras, aiding in tasks like backing up and tricky navigation. Fleet managers can rest easy too, with an admin password protecting recorded footage. Plus, accessing and exporting video surveillance directly from the mDVR to a USB thumb drive is a breeze. It’s safety and convenience, all in one.
remote management web application for semi truck camera systems
Remote management web application for semi truck camera systems
Effortless Fleet Control: Manage Your Semi Truck Camera System Anywhere, Anytime

Enhance Your Fleet Management with the skEYEvue Web Application

Are you ready to revolutionize your fleet management? Look no further than the skEYEvue Web Application. With our powerful remote management capabilities, you can take charge of your semi truck camera system from anywhere, at any time.

Gain full control and visibility over your fleet with the skEYEvue Web Application. Monitor live camera feeds, review recorded footage, and access real-time data on vehicle locations, speeds, and routes. Stay ahead of maintenance schedules, identify potential safety risks, and optimize resource allocation to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Experience the power of proactive fleet management. With skEYEvue, you can enhance safety, improve operational efficiency, and make informed decisions on the go. Elevate your fleet management experience today with the skEYEvue Web Application.

Semi Truck Camera Installation near me

Professional Semi Truck Camera Installation

Trust the experts at skEYEwatch for professional installation of our skEYEvue semi truck camera system. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure a seamless integration into your fleet. Benefit from precision installation, optimal camera positioning, and the confidence of warranty coverage. Experience the difference of professional installation with skEYEvue.

Smart Fleet Technology

Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled Security and Coverage

When you opt for the skEYEvue Semi Truck Camera System, you're investing in a comprehensive security solution, not just a semi truck dash cam. The skEYEvue system features multi-mounted cameras offering continuous recording with nearly 360° coverage. When installed correctly, nothing escapes its watchful eye.

Rugged and Reliable mDVR

Our onboard mDVR is as rugged as they come, built to withstand even the most challenging environments. Fireproof and resilient, it serves as your truck's black box, preserving invaluable data even in the face of adversity.

Constant Surveillance

Whether you're on the move or parked, skEYEvue ensures you're never out of sight. Our dash cams capture critical data during collisions or other incidents, offering drivers and fleet managers much-needed peace of mind. This footage is stored securely on the rugged mDVR, ready to provide video evidence when it's most needed.

Versatile Mounting and Operation

The skEYEvue system can be easily fitted onto various parts of the truck, typically on the windshield or rear bumper. The moment your truck powers on, the cameras start recording, storing the footage directly on the onboard mDVR.

Advanced Cloud Features

Unlike other systems that only upload low-quality, triggered recordings, skEYEvue stands out. Our remote management web application allows admins and fleet managers to selectively save high-quality video clips to the cloud for quick retrieval. This ensures you don't miss any crucial surveillance, and fleet admins can live stream from any camera on the truck.

Invest in Safety Today

Don't wait - safeguard your vehicle, cargo, and personnel with the skEYEvue Semi Truck Camera System today. With skEYEvue, you're always in safe hands.


FAQs about semi truck camera systems from skEYEwatch.
Yes, the skEYEvue Semi Truck Camera System provides continuous recording capabilities. The cameras are designed to record footage at all times, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your truck’s surroundings. With skEYEvue, you can have peace of mind knowing that important events are captured and stored for future reference.

The skEYEvue Semi Truck Camera System offers a range of camera options tailored specifically for trucks. The best camera for your truck depends on your specific needs and preferences. Our system includes options such as dash cameras, side cameras, rear cameras, and even cargo area cameras. Each camera serves a specific purpose and provides valuable insights for enhancing safety and security. It’s recommended to assess your requirements and consult with our experts to determine the best camera configuration for your truck.

Yes, the skEYEvue Semi Truck Surveillance System offers side camera options specifically designed for semi trucks. Side cameras provide an additional layer of visibility, allowing drivers to monitor blind spots and enhance overall safety. These cameras can be mounted on the side mirrors or other strategic locations to provide a clear view of the truck’s surroundings. Side cameras are valuable tools for preventing accidents and improving maneuverability.

Yes, our skEYEvue Semi Truck Camera System includes a delay power down feature. With this feature, the cameras will continue to operate even after the truck’s ignition is turned off. They can function for up to 24 hours, providing continuous surveillance and recording capabilities. However, after the 24-hour period, the system will automatically power down to conserve the vehicle’s main battery supply. This feature ensures that you have extended coverage and access to recorded footage even when the truck is not in use. For a more in-depth demonstration and to learn more about this feature, we recommend speaking with one of our knowledgeable professionals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Yes, dash cameras are commonly used in semi trucks for enhanced safety and security. The skEYEvue Semi Truck Camera System offers dash camera options specifically designed for trucks. Dash cameras provide a forward-facing view and capture critical data during driving-related incidents. These cameras are valuable tools for fleet managers and drivers, as they can provide evidence in the event of accidents, collisions, or other driving-related incidents. Dash cameras are an essential component of a comprehensive semi truck camera system, ensuring safety and providing peace of mind.

Please note that the information provided here is specific to the skEYEvue Semi Truck Camera System from skEYEwatch. Other camera systems may have different functionalities and specifications. It’s always recommended to consult with our experts or refer to the product documentation for detailed information on specific camera systems.

The skEYEvue system supports up to 8 cameras simultaneously, thanks to its 8-channel mDVR. This allows for nearly 360° coverage of your vehicle. If you need more than 8-cameras, we can special order camera system for up to 12-channel mDVRs. (Extended wait times for larger systems.)
The skEYEvue system offers a variety of camera options for semi trucks. These include front-facing or dual front and driver-facing dash cameras, side mirror or surface-mounted side cameras, standard rear cameras, and cargo area cameras. All cameras are designed to offer robust performance and reliable surveillance.

Yes, the skEYEvue semi truck camera system comes with a remote management portal. This portal allows fleet managers and owners to live view, playback, and request to download video surveillance directly from the mDVR over-the-internet. This is all made possible by the power of 4G cellular networks.

The skEYEvue system is designed to perform exceptionally well in low light conditions, ensuring clear and reliable surveillance regardless of the time of day or lighting conditions. Depending on what cameras are selected, this is made possible by either infrared sensors, or backlit pixel illumination (a.k.a. Starvis technology from Sony).
At skEYEwatch, we offer professional installation services for our own skEYEvue semi truck camera system. However, please note that our installation services are subject to certain requirements, including a minimum vehicle count and specific geographic locations. Please contact us to check if your location meets our installation criteria.
The cost of installation varies depending on factors such as the number of cameras and the configuration of the vehicle. To obtain a precise quote for your specific installation needs, please contact us today. Our team will be happy to provide you with detailed pricing information.
We require a minimum of 10 trucks for installation in most states across the country. However, if you are located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, the 10 truck minimum requirement does not apply. For further information about installation availability in your specific location, please reach out to us. Our team will be glad to assist you and provide more details.
no long term contracts for skeyevue

On-The-Go Live Viewing

Using 4G LTE networks, skEYEvue lets you view your semi truck cameras in real-time, regardless of the distance. In addition, our skEYEvue mobile app enables fleet managers to conveniently view their fleet cameras in real time, from anywhere.

On-The-Go GPS Tracking

View your entire 18 wheeler truck fleet on one single map right on your mobile device. Instantly see which trucks are active or inactive. Learn how fast they're traveling and which direction they are going.

vehicle and truck camera mobile app

On-The-Go monitoring

The skEYEvue mobile app is now available in the iOS App Store & Google Play Store. Now fleet managers can monitor their semi tractor trailer truck cameras on-the-go.

On-The-Go Downloading

You can effortlessly request video snippets, up to 10 minutes long, to download directly to your mobile device or computer. Additionally, these video downloads are stored indefinitely in the cloud.

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