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Dual Recording Dash Cam - V42

Dual recording dash cameras are the best secret weapon for exonerating drivers from false accusations.

Our Dual Dash Cameras Are Always Recording

Commercial truck drivers need a way to record what is happening while they are driving. This can help with insurance claims, accidents, and more. Dash cams are becoming more and more popular, but most only offer a single lens camera. This means that you can’t see what is happening inside the cab of the truck.

Introducing dual dash cam as part of the skEYEvue truck camera system. Our V42 dual dash cameras not only records what is happening outside of the truck, but it also records what is going on inside the truck. With our 5 infrared LED’s and night vision mode, you will never miss a thing no matter what time of day it is.

Our advanced 2.0 megapixel AHD CMOS allows for superior image quality in any light or contrast conditions. We offer high temperature resistance and anti-vibration technology as well. Not to mention, wide voltage 8V-18V specifically suited to the vehicular environment. Along with two cameras boasting 1080p starlight illumination, these powerful pickups can capture footage up to 25m°, while two 3m extension cables with aviation connectors make installation a cinch – either directly bonded with 3M glue double side stickers or with screws.

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Key Features

Duel dash camera
V42 Dual Dash Cams | Model: SK-V422MR2
Imaging device 1/3" CMOS
Focal 3.6 mm (Front View) / 2.1mm (rearview)
Angle of View 90° (front view) / 125° (rearview)
Signal System PAL / NTSC
Effective Pixels 1920(H)*1080(V)
Resolution 1080P
Frame Rate 25/30 Frames
Signal to noise ratio ≥50dB
Digital Noise Reduction 3D
Synchronization system Internal synchronization
Minimum illumination 0.1 LUX/F1.2
Horizontal Resolution 2000TVL
White balance Auto
Electronic shutter automatic
Exposure mode Anti-exposure
Filter switching External infrared light control switching
Video output 1920*1080 AHD-BNC
Microphone Support
Operating Voltage DC12V
Infrared distance 0-3m
Operating temperature -10°C~+50°C
Housing material Metal aluminum alloy


FAQs About V42 Dual Recording Dash Cams

Common answers to common questions about our dual facing dash cameras.

A dual facing dash camera is a camera that records video from both the front windshield and driver's cabin. Simultaneously, allowing for more comprehensive coverage of what happened in front of the vehicle and what the driver was doing in case of accidents or other incidents.

The night mode on these cameras utilizes five built-in infrared LED lights to provide excellent visibility in low lighting conditions. This ensures that even at night you will have clear, high-quality footage of your surroundings.

These dash cameras are designed to withstand high temperatures. With their specialized cooling system and insulation materials, they can remain operational in extreme temperature environments.

Yes! This camera comes with two 3 meter long cables with aviation connectors for easy installation. A user's manual and a hex key are also included in the box.

Yes, we sell our cameras for the skEYEvue truck camera system. There are 4 ways to review recordings.

  1. The skEYEvue browser / web application
  2. With EZ Check & EZ check mobile app. (sold separately.
  3. skEYEvue Mobile App for iOS & Android
  4. Directly on the onboard dash monitor.

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