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We’ve developed smart fleet technology to help fleet operators improve their productivity, efficiency and safety!

Every commercial fleet operator has their own unique set of complex challenges and key performance indicators. We help our customers by designing them custom tech solutions to help them monitor their indicators in a simple and integrated way. Our fleet technology helps them track their entire operation which allows them to use the data to support their decision making. 

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Our Products & Services


Commercial Truck Camera Systems

Multi mounted camera system for commercial trucks and vehicles. See your vehicles in real time with our 4G online connected live-streaming cameras with an 8-channel mDVR.


GPS Fleet Tracking & Reporting

skEYEtrax is an instant live tracking and reporting application used by fleet managers and owners. With skEYEtrax, you’ll gain insights into key performance indicators about your fleet operations. Generate useful custom reports that support your management’s decision making and so much more.


Dispatch Software

Dispatch360 is the ultimate dispatch fleet management system for ready mix concrete, aggregate, or for any construction material hauling company.


Fleet Push To Talk Service

Push to talk service provider. Using a quality push-to-talk service is the safest way for dispatch operators to communicate with their drivers. skEYEtalk is DOT compliant and loaded with features to help you safely communicate with your drivers.


Paperless Ticketing

This fleet management application is a must have if you’re still managing paper load tickets! Say hello to a more efficient/cost saving load ticketing system. A brand new cloud based ticketing software solution for concrete, aggregate, asphalt and paving companies. Not to mention, DOT compliant.


Emergency lighting

When you need emergency lighting for your tow trucks, fire trucks, or law enforcement vehicles, etc., the experts at skEYEwatch are here to help. We offer a wide selection of light bars and accessories from the best manufacturer in the business – Feniex.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose skEYEwatch, here are just six great reasons alone.

Improved safety

Our fleet camera system protects your company from unjustified claims of property damage. Our cameras are also an excellent driver coaching tool while our driver scorecard promotes good driving behavior.

Improve productivity

Boost the productivity of your fleet operation and reduce delivery cycle time with this simple yet effective tool.

Insurance discounts

Why not save money on your insurance policy by installing a fleet camera system? We have the perfect one for you, with nearly 360° of coverage. Many Insurance companies will thank you by offering extra discounts.

Key performance indicators

Track your indicators in a simple and integrated way to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Customized solutions

There is no such thing as an one-size-fits-all out-of-the-box fleet management solution. -Until Now! 😉 Our platform is built in a way to be easily customizable for any industry. Concrete, aggregate, garbage/refuse, and more!

Improve bottom Line

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. There are so many different ways our platform can help you save money.

no long term contracts for skeyevue

Latest news

concrete truck dispatching software

Streamline Your Concrete Operations with Dispatch360: The Cloud-Based Solution for Growth

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to consider investing in dispatch software for your concrete industry. With Dispatch360, you can streamline your dispatch processes, manage growth effectively, improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs. Don’t let outdated manual processes hold you back.

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roll off dumpster truck camera system

Thank You Tennessee Rolloff for investing in skEYEvue Truck Cameras

Tennessee Rolloff invests in skEYEvue Camera System from skEYEwatch for its truck fleet. The system offers continuous recording, GPS connectivity, and remote management access. This investment helps the company stay modern and keep drivers safe, reducing property damage and insurance claims.

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Cardella Waste invest in skEYEvue truck cameras

Cardella Waste Invests in Refuse Truck Cameras for Their Entire Fleet

Cardella Waste invests in skEYEvue truck camera system from skEYEwatch. The system offers 360° surveillance and up to 8 cameras per vehicle, helping to exonerate drivers from false claims, improve safety, and record proof of service.

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skEYEwatch Review
Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“skEYEwatch was the best decision we've ever made for our business in regards to fleet technology.”

Conley Jahna

• Co-Owner of Jahna Concrete
• President of FICAP

We love skEYEwatch! The GPS tracking and reports have helped us restructure the way we operate our business. We have been able to cut down on fuel cost and see exactly which customers have been slowing down our productivity. In this business, it's all about keeping operating cost as low as possible. SkEYEwatch has helped us identify losses from off route reports, excessive idle times, unauthorized stops and more.
Bobby Tresca
CEO of Tresca Concrete
We've been in the concrete and aggregate delivery business for a very long time, over 100 years. We've used a handful of other fleet tracking, dispatching and technology products through those years. skEYEwatch is simply the best. The statusing and tracking is always on point. The reports are extremely useful to our management team. And the truck cameras has saved our butts on several occasions.
skeyewatch review
Zach Leeman
Operations Manager Jahna Concrete
Very excited to partner with Tommy and the team at skEYEwatch to equip our roll off fleet with their state of the art camera / GPS / dispatch system. Their camera system hands down delivers SO SO much more than ANY competitors. That is a fact! Local, Florida based company to bat, thank you Tommy!
Member of the FICAP
Florida Concrete and Products Association
Member of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association
Proud member of the Michigan Concrete Association.

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