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The most advanced bus camera system ever created.

Bus Surveillance Cameras

If you operate a passenger bus company, then safety of your passengers, drivers, and other motorists on the road must be at the forefront of your mind. With a bus camera system from skEYEwatch, we can help keep everyone safe with the addition of a high-quality vehicle camera system.

Our amazing school bus surveillance system, charter bus camera system, and transit bus CCTV system can be used to record all activity outside of your bus as well as inside. In addition to keeping an eye on those around you, our fleet cameras can also help monitor driver behavior and promote safer driving habits to protect all those who travel with you.

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    Bus Camera System
    Bus Camera System
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    Bus Cameras

    Bus Camera Solutions

    There are many different segments within the bus industry and each have unique needs. For instance, a school bus company certainly doesn’t operate the same as a private charter bus company. Then there are shuttle and transit bus operators out there. The good thing is, we understand the bus industry very well and certainly understand their mobile camera needs!

    Interior Bus Cameras

    To help motorcoach companies ensure safety and protection for their drivers and passengers on a bus or motorcoach, we offer multi-mounted mobile-connected cameras inside buses to keep a watchful eye in case any incidents go down. Our vehicle CCTV systems record what happens on the inside of a bus, just in case any individuals are bullying or acting out toward one another.

    If such passenger behaviors escalate, we will then have the video evidence to show local authorities just in case anything goes down. We also offer driving-facing cameras to monitor any bad driver behaviors such as distracted driving or eyes off the road. Say one of your customer passengers voices a complaint about the driver behaviors, the buses’ surveillance footage can be easily reviewed to resolve such disputes.

    Mobile DVR for Buses: 5-channel, 8-channel, and 12-channel

    Our bus video surveillance system includes a wide range of mobile DVRs, which record video to a secure solid-state drive or an SD card, depending on the DVR (digital video recorder) installed. Our mobile DVRs are equipped with a cellular modem that provides our cameras with an online connection. That said, the footage may be readily accessed and analyzed by owners or authorized personnel through the skEYEvue Online Internet Dashboard; Even if the bus is offsite and hundreds of miles away. Managers can also utilize the live-view feature and see their cameras in real-time. All of this is made possible, because of the power of local cellular network providers (subscription fees apply).

    Exterior Bus Cameras

    The outside of your bus is a major concern when it comes to safety – after all, that’s where pedestrians, other drivers, and cyclists come into contact with your bus. With a bus camera system from skEYEwatch, your drivers can see all activity around your bus, helping to keep everyone safe and secure. In addition, if your drivers find themselves traveling through unfamiliar areas or down a narrow road, our system’s touchscreen dashboard monitor can help them see in all directions including blind spots on the sides and rear of their bus.

    Dash Cameras for Buses with Artificial Intelligence (Optional)

    Dash cameras are a must-have for any bus companies. Why? Because you’ll be able to capture footage of the road ahead in case anything happens – like another car cutting into its lanes or an q object coming up right behind them! Dash cams also have other benefits such as exposing safety concerns with Driver behavior (elderly people driving hormones!), distracted driving including texting while on their phone etc., forward collision prevention by tracking how close other vehicles might get before they eventually crash into ours… skEYEvue has all these features plus artificial intelligence that detects dangerous actions taken remotely through our platform.

    If you are looking for our AI-Powered camera solutions then click here to learn more: AI Powered Dash Cams

    School Bus Surveillance Systems

    School Bus Surveillance Systems
    School Bus Surveillance Systems

    School Bus Cameras are Mandated by Many State Governments in the U.S.

    Some states now require school buses to be equipped with cameras. 23 State Governments in the U.S. have already passed legislation about school bus camera system requirements and there are many more on the way.

    School Bus Cameras Inside

    Are you the manager or owner of a school bus company that is looking for a school bus camera system? We understand that running a fleet of school buses can be very demanding and it’s important to have peace of mind when your company is transporting children. That’s why we created one of the most advanced school bus camera solutions on the market. Our skEYEvue vehicle camera system will provide you with the security and protection needed in case of an accident or incident on your drivers’ routes. You can rest easy knowing that if anything happens, there will be video evidence captured by our system to help determine what occurred before, during, and after an incident or accident. Our systems also record audio so you can hear everything going on inside the bus at all times! This helps ensure everyone stays safe while riding in your vehicle.

    The Most Useful School Bus Surveillance System Ever

    The skEYEwatch camera system is designed specifically for school buses so it provides excellent recording quality on both interior and exterior views of the bus. This includes high definition 1080p resolution cameras which capture every detail no matter where students sit on the bus! With just one click of a button from most internet-connected devices anywhere in the world; users can view live footage, as well as playback, recorded footage anytime they want! And best yet…our systems come with a cloud retrieval feature that allows users to download recorded video clips!

    Charter Bus Cameras

    Security Cameras for Charter Buses

    When it comes to selecting a charter bus camera system, be sure it’s dependable and simple to use. All of the bus camera systems we offer fulfill these requirements as well as others. With our vehicle camera system, privately owned charter bus companies will enjoy some incredible features and advantages.

    With skEYEvue cameras installed on your bus, you’ll be able to monitor what happens both inside and outside of the vehicle while also preventing improper activity by employees who are responsible for driving the bus.

    Charter Bus Night Vision Cameras. Great in Low Light

    We also carry cameras that are designed for night vision. These cameras provide clear video footage even in low-light conditions which is perfect when traveling at night or early in the morning.

    Online Connected Bus Surveillance System

    Our charter bus cameras are online connected. This allows managers or authorized personnel to log in over the internet with our skEYEvue online dashboard and view their bus cameras in real-time. The same dashboard allows managers to review past recorded video surveillance and even download video clips to save permanently if needed.

    If you are looking for a bus video surveillance system that is reliable, easy to use, and loaded with benefits such as improved safety and efficiency, then look no further than skEYEwatch!

    Touchscreen Dashboard Monitor for Bus Drivers Improves Safety

    The bus’s dashboard monitor can be used to display live-view split screens and complete camera views. This is particularly beneficial when driving in unfamiliar neighborhoods or back roads. The screen will provide immediate access to all camera perspectives, such as side-view cameras, to avoid curb strikes and runover incidents by removing the rear and side blind spots.

    Transit Bus Cameras

    Transit bus surveillance systems CCTV
    Transit bus surveillance systems CCTV

    Camera System for Transit Buses or Shuttle Services

    Whether you’re operating a transit bus service or perhaps a shuttle van service, we have the camera system you need. Whether you’re operating a public or private transit service, our vehicle surveillance system provides the essentials you need to improve safety, security and protection. Perfect for large mass transit buses, mini buses, shuttle vans, sprinter vans, trolleys and more!

    Multi-view video surveillance system for Transit Buses

    skEYEwatch transit bus camera systems are reliable and easy to use which is why we are the go-to choice for many transit coach companies across the country!

    Our multi-mounted transit bus cameras will provide the visibility needed in the front, rear, and sides of your bus. Our vehicle cameras can be easily mounted just about anywhere on your bus depending upon where you need coverage. Cameras can even be mounted outside of the bus, so drivers who are waiting at stops don’t miss any activity or action around them. Furthermore, our cameras are always recording surveillance, even if the bus is in motion. – This comes in handy for settling any legal disputes or unlawful false claims while on the roadways. Keep reading for more info about our mDVR.

    Transit Bus Cameras with 5-channel, 8-channel, and 12-channel mDVR

    In addition to cameras, our transit bus camera systems come with a built-in mDVR that records footage onto a secure solid-state drive or SD card, depending on which mDVR (mobile digital video recorder) is installed. The footage can be easily accessed and reviewed by authorized personnel through the skEYEvue Online Dashboard. This comes in handy if needed for dealing with rowdy passengers on board, especially if law enforcement gets involved; Just roll back the video surveillance and let the authorities handle the rest. Our basic camera system supports up to 8-channels and is readily available. If needed, we also have a 12-channel mDVR option.

    As we mentioned above, our transit bus camera system is also online connected, so you can use the online dashboard to access recored video surveillance and watch your cameras in real-time.

    Bus Camera System Mobile App

    View Your Bus & Motorcoach Cameras in real time & on the go!

    On-The-Go monitoring

    The skEYEvue mobile app is now available in the iOS App Store & Google Play Store. Now fleet managers can monitor their bus fleet cameras on-the-go.

    On-The-Go GPS Tracking

    View your entire bus fleet on one single map right on your mobile device. Instantly see which buses are active or inactive. Learn how fast they're traveling and which direction they are going.

    vehicle and truck camera mobile app

    On-The-Go Live Viewing

    With the power of 4G LTE networks, skEYEvue customers can view their bus cameras in real time, even if their motorcoaches are over-the-road and thousands of miles away. Even better, fleet managers can "live view" their fleet cameras on the go with skEYEvue mobile app.

    On-The-Go Downloading

    Easily request video snippets of up to 30 minute in length to download directly to your mobile device or computer. Video downloads are also stored in the cloud forever.

    no long term contracts for skeyevue


    FAQs About Our Bus Cameras.

    Common answers to common questions about our bus cameras.
    At this time, we currently do not have bus stop arm cameras in our inventory. Alternatively, we do offer side-view mounted bus cameras. Our side view mounted cameras offer a clear HD picture of everything happening on the driver and passenger sides of the buses. All HD footage is recorded to the onboard mDVR.

    All of our cameras are continuously loop recording to an onboard mobile DVR. Our mDVR is online connected allowing authorized personal to use the internet and the skEYEvue online dashboard to review video surveillance online, even if the bus is offsite. This also includes viewing the cameras in real-time.

    Review our knowledge base for video demos on how to use cloud retrieval and how to use live-view in the skEYEvue online dashboard.

    It varies… We have several configuration options to optimize storage on our mDVRs. H264 is the video codec that we use which is really good for file size optimization.


    As far as how many hours can stored, it depends how big the storage drive is in gigabytes, the video resolution, and how many cameras are recording simultaneously per vehicle.


    Example: Our cameras can record up to 1080p (Full HD) up to 24fps. At that resolution and frame rate, it would eat through the storage pretty quickly, especially for vehicles that have multiple cameras. Most customers opt for 720p (standard HD) at around 15fps. At this configuration, you will still have smooth and clear picture.

    Yes! As of December 2021, there are 23 local state governments in the U.S. that have passed regulations for implementing the use of school bus cameras; These mostly pertain to stop arm camera laws. As in regards to interior surveillance cameras on school buses or school bus surveillance systems, there are no Federal laws against them. In fact, the Department of Defense Education Activity encourages school districts to consider them for the protection of their children passengers and property.

    As of 12/21/2021, there is no legal mandate that requires parents to be notified of school bus surveillance systems. The federal agencies that would govern such privacy mandates do recommend that school districts notify parents of such recording devices.

    Some do, it depends on when the bus was manufactured. As of 2021, most modern day buses that were manufactured in the past decade have factory installed safety backup cameras. Even some high-end charter buses have lane changing safety side mirror cameras, however, these types of cameras are not recording devices. -They are only used as safety cameras.

    Some privately owned charter bus companies are starting to purchase aftermarket charter bus surveillance equipment to protect their equipment and passengers. We at skEYEwatch happen to have the best charter bus surveillance system ever designed. Our bus camera system is online connected allowing owners to view their bus cameras in real-time as well as review recorded surveillance over-the-internet, even if the charter bus is offsite and over-the-road. Our platform allows bus company owners to securely view any camera attached to their vehicle’s mobile connected DVR. Fleet owners or managers are able to do this by using their private login credentials to access their skEYEvue online dashboard over the internet. They can also download video clips from past recorded footage, if needed.

    Yes, it is not uncommon for city transit buses to be equipped with surveillance equipment. In many major cities such as NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia, their cameras are only capturing video only, no audio.

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