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Download vehicle surveillance from your truck camera system over-the-internet.

your fleet camera system over-the-internet with the skEYEvue online web portal

Use cloud retrieval to download video surveillance footage from your fleet camera system over-the-internet with the skEYEvue online web portal

One of the most popular features of the skEYEvue vehicle camera system is cloud retrieval. With cloud retrieval, fleet managers can request-to-download videos from their vehicle or truck camera system over-the-internet; Even if the vehicle is offsite and in motion. All of this is made possible with of the power of mobile cellular networks and the skEYEvue camera system . Watch the video above to see step-by-step instructions on how to download video clips from your fleet camera system.

FAQs regarding the cloud retrieval function of skEYEvue

Why would a fleet manager need to use cloud retrieval to download videos over-the-internet?

Sometimes fleet managers need to solve roadway disputes while they’re happening. Sometimes disputes may seem extremely concerning at times which may require an immediate investigation. In the past, the fleet manager would call the driver and interrupt their work shift to get their side-of-story. All of this stifles productivity and causes anxiety for the driver, which is no good for business, especially if the driver wasn’t in the wrong.

Here’s an example: Perhaps a local citizen calls in to complain that a ready mix truck was recently driving erratically on the highways and caused property damage. Say this mixer truck has the skEYEvue multi-mounted cameras pointing in all directions. These cameras are recording everything as it happens to an onboard connected DVR. With the cloud retrieval feature, the fleet manager can easily download recorded surveillance to solve such disputes or perhaps disprove the claim. All of this can be done without disrupting the driver’s productivity! – That is if the claim was disproved.

Does cloud retrieval work when the vehicle is not in operation?

No, if the vehicle is not in operation and the ignition is off, then all of the main electronics such as the DVR will be powered off. The vehicle’s DVR must have power in order to download video clips with cloud retrieval.

What happens if a vehicle travels into an area with a poor cellular network? Can I still download videos?

A good quality cellular internet network is required in order to use any online cloud features. If the cellular network is poor, then download speeds may be reduced or nonexistent. The fleet manager will need to wait for the truck to navigate back into a good mobile service network.

Are videos automatically uploaded to a cloud or virtual server?

No, alls videos are stored directly to an onboard rugged DVR inside the truck. These DVRs do have a mobile connection which allows live-streaming functions such as reviewing live footage and for skimming through recorded footage. However, if a user needs to “download a copy”, the user would use the “request to download” feature aka cloud retrieval. This entails inputing the date and time duration of the requested footage and submitting request to download the specific clips.

Fleet Camera System
Fleet Camera System
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