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skEYEwatch is a leading brand specializing in telematics and smart fleet technology products. Designed for companies that operate a fleet of vehicles, skEYEwatch offers a range of innovative solutions, from commercial vehicle cameras like skEYEvue to cloud-based dispatch software such as Dispatch360. Our products aid fleet managers and owners in making informed decisions by providing insightful data about their operations. The skEYEwatch suite also includes push-to-talk features, electronic ticketing, advanced reporting, and emergency lighting solutions, ensuring comprehensive fleet management and surveillance capabilities. To learn more about our journey and vision, visit our About skEYEwatch page.

No, we don’t believe in handcuffing our customers to any long or short term contracts. Our mission is to create an impressive, useful solution for your fleet management needs — products that you can’t live without. We’re confident in the value we deliver, and we want our customers to choose skEYEwatch because they love our services, not because they’re contractually obligated.

Yes, some of our products are complemented by mobile apps available in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

For users of our skEYEvue fleet camera systems, you can download the mobile app from the following platforms:

For those utilizing our Push-To-Talk service, the mobile app is accessible here:

These apps are designed to enhance the user experience and offer on-the-go access to skEYEwatch’s cutting-edge fleet management features.

skEYEwatch is not a standalone product but a brand that offers a variety of fleet management solutions, each with its own pricing structure. For products like skEYEvue and Dispatch360, the rates are scalable based on the size of your fleet.

When considering our skEYEvue offerings, the cost is influenced by several factors, including the number of cameras required per vehicle, the storage capacity on the mDVR, potential installation charges, and other specifics. To get a precise pricing estimate tailored to your needs, please fill out our quote request form on our website. We’re here to provide you with the most accurate information tailored to your unique fleet requirements.

skEYEvue, another stellar offering from skEYEwatch, is a dedicated fleet camera system designed to optimize surveillance and monitoring for commercial vehicles. It allows businesses to enhance safety, monitor in-transit activities, and collect valuable operational data. Depending on specific needs, skEYEvue offers flexibility in the number of cameras per vehicle and storage options on the mDVR. For a complete rundown of its capabilities and features, you can learn more about skEYEvue here.

Dispatch360 is skEYEwatch’s flagship cloud dispatch software, originally tailored for the concrete and construction material delivery sectors. It serves as an all-encompassing solution, offering functionalities like order entry, delivery planning, and in-depth reporting, complemented by driver/vehicle ticketing. A standout feature of Dispatch360 is its built-in credit card processing, streamlining payments and reducing operational frictions. When paired with our skEYEtrax system, Dispatch360 provides a state-of-the-art yet intuitive tracking experience, including real-time delivery cycle statuses, meticulous route planning, and alerts for events like off-route movements, unauthorized stops and excessive idling. For a comprehensive overview and deeper insights, learn more about Dispatch360 here.

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