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Heavy Equipment Camera System

The best heavy duty equipment camera system ever created.

Construction Vehicle Camera System

Are you looking for a heavy duty vehicle or industrial truck camera system that can provide weeks of surveillance storage, capture nearly 360° of coverage, and offer mobile 4G LTE remote management features? A truck camera system is a must-have tool for all construction and fleet management personnel. Without one, you’re leaving yourself open to safety hazards, potential accidents, costly OSHA or DOT citations/violations , and other costly damages.

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    Construction Vehicle Surveillance System

    skEYEwatch has the best surveillance system for heavy duty vehicle and trucks on the market. Our vehicle camera systems come with large capacity mobile DVRs (options up to 8 terabytes) for months of surveillance storage, up to 8 multi-mounted cameras providing nearly 360° of coverage, and mobile 4G LTE remote management features that allow fleet managers to view their vehicle cameras in real time as well as view recorded footage.

    Industrial heavy duty equipment camera systems

    Construction Vehicle Cameras

    Safety and surveillance cameras for construction vehicles.

    Excavator Cameras

    360° of video surveillance from your excavator camera system.

    Front Loader Cameras

    Capture video surveillance from your front load tractors.

    Crane Truck Cameras

    We have one of the best crane truck camera systems ever developed!.

    Motor Grader Cameras

    360° of video surveillance from your motor grader vehicle.

    Asphalt Milling Cameras​

    Capture video surveillance from your asphalt milling machines in 360°.

    Backhoe Tractor Cameras

    Capture video surveillance from your backhoe tractor.

    Drum Roller Cameras​

    360° of video surveillance from your drum roller vehicle.

    Dragline Excavator Cameras​

    Capture video surveillance from your dragline excavators in 360°.

    Bulldozer Cameras

    Capture video surveillance from your bulldozer camera system in 360°.

    Ready Mix Trucks

    Capture 360° of video surveillance from your concrete mixer trucks.

    Dump Trucks

    Capture video surveillance from your dump truck camera system in 360°.​

    Moffett Trucks

    Capture video surveillance from your moffett truck cameras in 360°.​

    Heavy Duty Construction Vehicle Cameras

    Construction Vehicle Camera Systems

     It’s time to take advantage of an amazing vehicle CCTV system that helps construction companies with managing employees that willingly or unknowingly ignore potential and real safety hazards. With such a system in place, construction companies will have a better chance of catching individuals who break these rules and coach them before someone gets hurt. Don’t miss out on this essential piece of equipment – get your skEYEvue heavy duty equipment camera system today!

    Interior Cameras for Construction Vehicles

    Whether you’re operating a backhoe, excavator, or even a 600-ton crane, an interior construction vehicle camera that watches over the cab is a must-have tool. Interior cameras for your construction vehicles will keep an eye on the operator to make sure they not distracted and following all safety precautions while operating. These types of cameras also come in handy as a great security camera system. Say someone who’s not supposed to be operating heavy equipment hops into cab for a joy ride. Now you video evidence to address any incidence as they arise and hopefully address it before someone gets hurt.

    Heavy Equipment Vehicle Back Up Cameras

    If you’re in the market for a rear recording camera or a safety back up camera for your heavy duty equipment or construction vehicles, then look no further than skEYEvue. Why? Because our platform gives heavy duty vehicle operators the best of both worlds and then some. Let’s say there was an incident or even a claim that an accident occurred on the rear side of your vehicle, now you’ll have video evidence to prove or disprove such allegations. This is all made possible since the skEYEvue camera system records video surveillance to onboard mobile DVR. Playback past footage for weeks!

    In addition, should you need a backup camera while reversing, our platform comes with an optional touchscreen monitor that automatically triggers to display the rear camera while reversing.

    Exterior Cameras for Construction Vehicles

    The outside of your heavy equipment is a major concern when it comes to safety – after all, construction sites are chaotic; There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of hardhats running around. With a heavy equipment camera system from skEYEwatch, your operators can see all activity around their vehicles, helping to keep everyone safe and secure. In addition, if your operators find themselves moving through unfamiliar areas or , our system’s touchscreen dashboard monitor can help them see in all directions including blind spots on the sides and rear of their bus.

    Side Cameras for Heavy Duty Vehicles

    Having video surveillance of the front, rear and interior of your vehicle is awesome, but if you want a system that provides full 360° of video surveillance, then you’re going to need side cameras for your heavy duty vehicle fleet. Our vehicle side cameras also record to an onboard mDVR as well as come in handy as safety cameras which help with navigating difficult terrain. 

    Mobile DVR & Touchscreen Dash Monitor

    No doubt, if you’re going to invest in a proper vehicle or truck camera system, then you’re going to need a proper mDVR to capture and store all of that video surveillance. Our skEYEwatch X3N Pro Core mDVR is the  

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    FAQs About Our Industrial Heavy Equipment Camera System.

    Common answers to common questions about our construction vehicle cameras.
    Yes, some heavy duty construction vehicles do have cameras, but not all. It all depends on the purpose of the cameras. There are different types of vehicle cameras in the industry. #1 safety cameras and #2 surveillance cameras.

    Safety Cameras:
    Heavy equipment operators use safety cameras to help them see around the blind spots of their vehicles while they back up or make difficult maneuvers. Sometimes these types of safety cameras come built into the vehicle as a safety feature. However most manufacturer installed safety do not record.

    Surveillance Cameras:
    Heavy equipment owners and construction companies also invest in surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras come in handy when needing to prove or disapprove any accidental claims that may arise. Companies are able to do this because these types of cameras record to onboard mobile DVR.

    As far as mDVRs (aka mobile DVRs) go, there are 2 types of systems that an industrial heavy equipment operators use for their fleet.

    5-Channel mDVR: A very common configuration is our 5-channel camera system. This vehicle camera system will support from 1 to 4 A/V cameras + 1 IPC camera. This would be our cheapest option that starts around $999.99 (product only). Installation and wiring fees are additional, if needed.

    8-Channel mDVR: We also have an optional 8-channel system. This system supports 6 A/V cameras + 2 IPC cameras. This particular system also has (optional) advanced fleet management tools that can be integrated. This platform is capable of advanced fleet tracking, telematics, custom sensor integration, vehicle maintenance, and so much more! For something as advanced as this, we recommend that you use our request form here: Request a Demo.

    Some do, it depends. Many modern day manufacturers of heavy duty construction equipment offer safety cameras as an optional feature. Keep in mind, these are upgraded features that must be ordered at the time of purchasing directly from the dealer. Lastly, these types of cameras do not record, because they are not surveillance cameras.

    Here at skEYEwatch, we have developed the perfect 360° recording surveillance camera system for heavy equipment operators.
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