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X5N mDVR 8-Channel

This amazing 8-channel mobile digital recorder (mDVR) captures video surveillance in full HD on a 2TB SSD.

Mobile Digital Video Recorder (mDVR) - The X5N

Our X5N mDVR from skEYEwatch is the ultimate solution for commercial truck fleet managers who need to keep an eye on their vehicles, even when they’re hundreds of miles away. Our mDVR is equipped with 8 AHD camera ports that can capture full HD footage from multiple cameras mounted onto a single truck. This ensures that you get the most comprehensive view possible of your cargo and operations, making it easier to spot potential issues before they cause any damage.

The X5N mDVR includes 4G Cellular Connectivity

4G Cellular Connection for Remote Management

What’s more, our X5N mDVR also includes 4G cellular connectivity (with a subscription) that gives fleet managers remote management capabilities. This means you can log in no matter where you are and access live streaming camera views as well as review and download previously recorded footage. With this technology at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to stay on top of your fleet operations and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Tough, Rugged & Secure mDVR

The X5N mDVR from skEYEwatch also features a host of great security features such as GPS tracking, triggered event notifications, password protection, fireproof rugged casing, encrypted and tamper-proof data storage. We designed our mDVR specifically for commercial vehicle fleets so you can be sure that your data is always safe and secure – whether it’s on the road or in storage. And with its easy installation process and intuitive user interface, you’ll have no trouble setting up or using our system either!

Overall, the X5N mobile digital video recorder from skEYEwatch is the perfect mDVR solution if you need to keep an eye on your trucks while they’re out on the road. With its full HD capture capabilities, remote management functions and advanced security features all packed into one device, our mDVR can help keep your fleet running efficiently no matter where they may go!

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What's In The Box?


FAQs About The skEYEwatch X5N mDVR.

Common answers to common questions about the skEYEvue X5N mDVR.

Usually this problem results from the incorrect power connection. Please follow below steps to check the power connection:
  1. Check the input power supply of the device by checking whether the power cable is correctly connected, whether the ground cable is connected to the battery, and whether the fuse in the power cable is intact.
  2. Check whether the ACC signal cable of the power supply device has a voltage (greater than 7 V).
  3. Check whether the key on the device is switched off.
Please follow below steps to check it:
  1. Check whether the voltage is too low to start the device, causing the device to randomly restart.
  2. Hard disk/SD card failures may cause device startup failure. Remove the storage unit and turn on the device again to determine whether the storage unit is faulty.
Usually this problem results from the storage disk or camera. Please follow below steps to check it:
  1. Check whether a storage unit is installed and in good contact and whether the storage unit can read data normally when connecting to a computer.
  2. The storage unit is not formatted. After the storage unit is inserted into our device, it needs to be formatted to perform normal data storage.
  3. Check whether there is a video signal input from the camera to the MDVR and whether there is a video image shown on the live view screen.
Please follow below steps to check it:
  1. Check whether there is an external pickup connected or whether the camera features audio acquisition.
  2. Access the video channel settings and check whether the audio option is enabled.
  3. The channel that realizes the sound recording function must have video input and can perform video recording normally.
Please follow below steps to check it:
  1. Check whether the GPS antenna is correctly installed and whether there is a GPS silk screen on the GPS antenna pedestal on the back of the MDVR.
  2. Check whether the antenna receiver is blocked. The antenna receiver must not be covered, or else signal reception failure may occur as a result.
  3. The impacts caused by surrounding environments such as tree shelters, tunnels, driving near tall buildings and overpasses, thunderstorm weather, etc. may cause GPS signal loss or GPS to receive the wrong signal.
  1. Check whether the ACC signal cable connection is correct and whether there is no voltage on the ACC yellow line after the key is switched off.
  2. If the timing video record is enabled and the current time has not exceeded the limit set in the recording time task table, the device cannot be shut down.
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