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M1N 5-Channel mDVR (4G LTE + WiFi)

Online Connected 5-Channel mDVR

Everything you ever needed to know about the M1N-TKH0401 is right here. The M1N is a smaller mDVR that we use for companies that need no more than 4-5 cameras per vehicle. It’s also 4G LTE online connected which supports remote management features such as real-time live viewing of your truck fleet or vehicle camera systems. Not to mention, streaming and downloading clips of past recorded surveillance from the mDVR using an internet connection; Even if the fleet is offsite and in motion.

This 5-channel mDVR is suitable for most of our clients, however it does lose 3 additional camera channels and lacks the compatibility with custom sensors compared to the 8-Channel X3 Core mDVR. It also does NOT include an internal solid state drive such as the X3. The M1N rather records surveillance to a SD card (sold separately).

More photos, specs, and the user manual can be found on this webpage.

4G/LTE Wireless Connection

4G/EVDO/WCDMA/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE : Used for live view and remote management. View your vehicle cameras and mDVR surveillance in real time from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

5 Channel mDVR

5 CH (AHD*4+IPC*1) : The M1N supports up to 4 audio/video channels + 1 IPC channels (video only).

H.265/H.264 Compatible

H.265/H.264 encoding and decoding to improve the memory space utilization

GPS for location tracking

The M1N mDVR has GPS tracking capabilities that allows managers to track their vehicles location and speed in real time.

Wireless Camera Compatibility

Our M1N mDVR is compatible with some of the latest wireless camera solutions.


FAQs About The M1N mDVR.

Common answers to common questions about the M1N-TKH0401 mobile digital video recorder.

Usually this problem results from the incorrect power connection. Please follow below steps to
check the power connection:


  1. Check the input power, whether the power wire is connected correctly, whether the ground wire is connected back to the battery, and whether the fuse on the power wire is in good condition.
  2. Check whether the ACC signal wire input to the power is with voltage higher than 7 V.
  3. Check whether the device key is closed.
Please follow below steps to check it:  
  1. Check whether the voltage of MDVR is insufficient. If the voltage is less than the start-up voltage of the device, the device would always restart.
  2. The problem in hard disk/SD card may cause the failure to start. Take off the storage part and check whether it is broken down.

Usually this problem results from the storage disk or camera. Please follow below steps to check it:


  1. Check whether the storage disk is installed, whether it is in good contact, and whether the disk can
    be read normally in computer.
  2. Check whether the storage disk is formatted. The storage disk should be formatted before normally storing record files.
  3. Check whether there is video signal input into the device from camera, and whether there is video/image on the screen.

Please follow below steps to check it:


  1. Check whether there is an external pickup, or whether the camera features with the function of audio collection.
  2. Access to Video Channel Settings, check if Audio is set on.
  3. There must be video input into the channel for recording and it must record normally.

Please follow below steps to check it:


  1. Check whether the GPS antenna is installed correctly. There is a silk print logo on the GPS antenna holder behind the host device.
  2. Check whether the antenna receiver is sheltered. It should not be covered by any stuff, which may cause it not to receive signals.
  3. Environmental influence such as tree shades, being inside tunnel, driving near tall building or elevated roads, thunderstorms or other weather influence, etc. can also cause signal loss or receiving wrong signals.
  1. Check if the ACC line connection mode is correct; and check whether there is voltage on ACC yellow line when the key is turned off.
  2. If the device has been set with schedule recording, it can't shutdown if it is still during recording time of the task table.

M1N-TKH0401 Schematics

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