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Dump Truck Fleet Management Software

Why Invest in Fleet Management Software for Dump Trucks?

Because Idle Dump Trucks Drive Up Operating Cost!

Ever wondered how dump truck fleet management software could improve your business operations? For example: Every time a dump truck hits the construction site, it is responsible for moving loads of debris and dirt around. These trucks are extremely important in keeping up with a constant flow of work, but they need to be managed efficiently to make sure that they are not slowing down progress or running out of resources. The last thing you want is your dump truck fleet sitting idly by when there is still plenty of work to do; – It’s all about keeping the wheels turning!

Dump Truck Fleet Management

Fleet Management Software from skEYEwatch

What exactly does this entail? A lot more than you think actually, which is why dump truck fleet management software from skEYEwatch is becoming ever so popular among aggregate businesses these days–even small ones that don’t have an actual fleet on hand. Companies are always looking for ways to improve productivity while also cutting back on expenses, and using top-of-the-line fleet management tools provides them with the perfect opportunity to do both. For many companies, dump trucks are one of the biggest expenses they have–especially if they don’t own them outright.

So, rather than continuing to depend on expensive third-party companies who may or may not get you exactly what you need when you need it (and doing nothing about their outrageous rates), consider investing in a fleet management solution that will create a customized plan for your business based on your needs and your dump truck’s capabilities. What kind of features should this software include? Here are some things to think about:

Dump Truck Dispatching Software

Dispatching Software – The most basic function of any good dump truck fleet management tool is an efficient dispatching system that can be used to create schedules, assign drivers, and determine their routes based on the truck’s location. This is a crucial piece of software that every fleet owner should have. Our dispatch software also has everything you’ll need from building estimates (order entry), invoices, ticket submission and more! Not to mention, it’s cloud based! This means is fast, secure and can be used anywhere you have a computer with an internet browser.

Dump Truck Fleet Tracking & Statusing Software

Fleet GPS Tracking & Statusing – Another important feature that you might consider for dump truck fleet management is GPS tracking, which can be used to monitor whether or not your trucks are running up costs unnecessarily due to long idle times. Many dump trucks sit idly at their starting locations before they are given work orders–which means time spent waiting for counts toward the total number of hours driven even though there was no movement. Not to mention, burning fuel while in idle. You’ll also want to keep an eye on how much fuel consumption each truck is using–especially if you plan on leasing them down the road. We have developed all the necessary tools for keeping these unnecessary cost under control. Tools that will help you actively monitoring such costly waste such as idle time, off route reporting, unauthorized stops and so much more!

Dump Truck Fleet Reporting Software

Custom Reporting – Finally, once you’ve gathered all of the necessary data, you’ll want to be able to generate reports efficiently, so that you can see how your trucks are performing overall. If they’re working too hard or sitting idle for long periods of time, this information will allow you to make changes accordingly in order to keep everybody happy (drivers and managers).

In a nutshell, these reports will help you find out which customers are slowing down productivity of your fleet as well as getting the big picture to help you exceed your key performance indicators. Track your entire operation and use the data to support your decision making. What gets measured gets managed!

Dump Truck Fleet Cams Help Customer Service & Management

Another very useful fleet management tool to consider investing in are multi mounted dump truck cameras. Not only will fleet cameras support safety by allowing the driver to see in their blind spots, but they will also assist with security. For example: Let’s say a suspicious person side swipes one of your trucks, perhaps looking for an insurance payout; You’ll now have surveillance footage stored on the mobile DVR to fight back against illegitimate claims. Lastly, a fleet camera system will help improve customer service. Now you’ll have video surveillance to record customer deliveries as they are happening.

Other fleet managing tools to assist with productivity

If you operate a fleet with dump trucks, then investing in fleet management software is one of the best decisions that you could possibly make. Not only will it help save money by reducing costs associated with piecing together a bunch of third-party solutions, but it will increase productivity while still allowing everyone on your team to work at their own pace without taking up too much time or resources. To learn more about skEYEwatch fleet management tools, schedule a demo today for a full featured demo!

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