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Roll-Off Dumpster Truck Company Invests in Fleet Camera System

Dumpster Rental Company Invests in Truck Camera System for their Roll-Off Fleet.

- Sees Quick Return on Investment!

Investing in a roll-off truck fleet camera system helps fleet operators in the recycling industry save money while protecting their assets.

Watch this customer satisfaction (testimonial) video below from Angelo’s Recycled Materials about their personal experience with using skEYEvue truck camera systems for their roll-off dumpster truck fleet.

A few ways that our fleet camera system has helped Angelos.

In this video above, Lee Richards of skEYEwatch introduces Todd Wiggins of Angelo’s Recycled Materials. Todd continues to explain how the skEYEvue fleet camera system has helped Angelo’s Recycled Materials with fighting back against false allegations from property damage, insurance claims and has even helped solve customer disputes.

Many of the allegations are deemed false due to having the truck video surveillance proving what really happened. Video surveillance is indisputable and generally shuts down all arguments. If you operate a fleet of roll offs or any vehicle in the waste management industry, you should consider a garbage truck camera system from skEYEwatch. Use our request form below to schedule a full featured demo today.

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