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Baltimore Scrap Corp chooses skEYEvue

Thank You Baltimore Scrap!

Baltimore Scrap Corp manages a large fleet of roll-off and semi trucks in the North Eastern part of the United States. This month, they just equipped their entire fleet with the skEYEvue truck camera system from skEYEwatch. We wanted to take a moment and thank Baltimore Scrap for trusting skEYEwatch by investing in our vehicle surveillance technology!

Camera Solution for roll-off and semi trucks.

This brand new 360 truck camera system consists of 3-4 exterior mounted cameras per truck with the purpose of capturing video surveillance in near 360°. The idea behind this investment was for fraud mitigation; Specifically to reduce & settle claims from staged vehicle accidents and property damage complaints. Another great feature / benefit of the skEYEvue system is the remote management capabilities. With skEYEvue, designated admins can remotely log in to their truck’s password protected mobile DVR and download past-recorded video clips directly from any internet connected computer or device. Not to mention, admins also have the ability to live-stream their truck camera’s video feed in real-time.

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