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Angelo’s Recycled Materials Chooses skEYEwatch!

skEYEwatch Thanks Angelo’s Recycled Materials

We wanted to take a moment and thank Angelo’s Recycled Materials for choosing skEYEwatch as their new Smart Fleet Technology partner. Angelo’s struggled for months to find a decent truck camera system for their rolloff dumpster truck fleet. After trying out several disappointing camera products from other vendors before us, they almost gave up on their quest… Then Angelo’s stumbled upon skEYEwatch! Angelo’s RM had various needs such as online connected vehicle cameras with an internet dashboard for live-viewing and downloading surveillance footage. They also wanted a mobile DVR (mDVR) that offered several channels that way they could custom mount up to 8 cameras per vehicle if needed. We offered Angelo’s our skEYEvue vehicle camera technology, because it is truly one of the best vehicle camera systems on the planet. We were able to check off all of their garbage truck camera system needs and also take a step further!

We Offer More Than Just Truck Cameras!

In addition, Angelo’s also learned that we offer more than just vehicle cameras. They are now using our gps fleet tracking software (skEYEtrax) and our push to talk service (skEYEtalk) to help them improve their fleet safety while boosting productivity.
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