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Thank You Tennessee Rolloff for investing in skEYEvue Truck Cameras

Tennessee Rolloff Chooses Truck Cameras

Tennessee Rolloff is taking advantage of the latest technology in fleet management by investing in a 4-way truck camera system from skEYEwatch. The system, named skEYEvue, offers continuous recording throughout the day while their trucks are operating. If an incident were to happen, our cameras will capture the evidence. This helps solve property damage and reduces insurance claims while exonerating the drivers.

In addition to recording capabilities, skEYEvue comes with GPS connected features that enable fleet managers to know exactly where each of their trucks are at any given time. Plus, it’s 4G cellular connected which allows for remote management access to review and download recordings from any of their truck cameras

Tommy Oversmith from skEYEwatch has praised Tennessee Rolloff for their investment in this system: “We wanted to thank Tennessee Rolloff personally for choosing our skEYEvue Camera System and we invite everyone to take a look at Tommy’s video on our website.”

This is an important step forward for Tennessee Rolloff as they ensure that their operations remain modern and keep up with industry standards while keeping their drivers safe with the latest technology available today – skEYEvue Camera System from skEYEwatch! With this investment, Tennessee Rolloff continues to prove why they have remained a leader in the industry since their start over 15 years ago. Not only does this system provide peace of mind for the company but also ensures continued success for them into the future.

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