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We Installed Truck Surveillance Cameras in a Super Sleeper Semi

Super Sleeper Semi Truck Camera System

Thank You Dan P. for choosing skEYEvue!

At skEYEwatch, we pride ourselves in providing the most cutting-edge surveillance technology to ensure the safety and security of various vehicles – and today, we’re thrilled to share our recent project with you. We’ve just completed a fascinating installation of our skEYEvue semi truck camera system in a Super Sleeper Semi. Our thanks go out to Dan P., an owner/operator of this behemoth of a vehicle, for choosing us for his security needs.

Dan hauls large jet engines and aviation parts for Southern Pride Trucking, where he works as an independent contractor. As you can imagine, the cargo he transports is not only valuable but also incredibly delicate and intricate. It’s not every day you’re responsible for moving parts that are integral to the workings of a jet! This makes safety and security a top priority for Dan – and that’s where we come in.

Why Choose skEYEvue?

Dan needed a surveillance system that was robust, reliable, and capable of delivering high-quality video footage. Our skEYEvue truck camera system fit the bill perfectly. This cutting-edge system ensures that, whether the truck is on the move or parked during off-duty/rest time, there’s always a watchful eye on the cargo.

The skEYEvue system is packed with features that make it an excellent choice for owner/operators like Dan. It records high-definition video, ensuring clear visibility even in low-light conditions. Importantly, the system is designed to record continuously, providing comprehensive coverage without the need for motion triggers. This continuous recording capability gives Dan the peace of mind that every moment is captured, no matter the situation. Additionally, with its hardwired connection to the truck’s power supply, there’s no need to worry about batteries running out at critical moments.

The Installation Process

The installation of the skEYEvue system in Dan’s Super Sleeper Semi was handled with meticulous care and precision. Rather than installing cameras in a traditional cargo area, we had a unique challenge. Dan’s truck is a low boy flatbed, which means the cargo is exposed. To address this, we installed cameras high up on the rear of his truck, providing a comprehensive view of the cargo from above.

Alongside the mounted cameras, Dan chose to add a wireless camera that attaches to the back of the trailer. This camera provides an essential view of the road behind the truck, acting as a practical backup camera as well as continuously recording the rear surroundings. The camera is powered by the trailer’s electrical system when the trailer is in use, and a separate battery ensures it continues to function during downtime.

The installation was completed in an impressive 6-7 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and no disruption to the Super Sleeper Semi’s normal operations. Now, Dan can monitor the feed from this camera and the other installed cameras directly from his cabin, offering real-time awareness of his surroundings and enhancing overall security.

The Value of Security

In an industry where cargo theft and accidents can have serious financial repercussions, a dependable surveillance system is not a luxury—it’s a necessity. Dan understands this and has proactively invested in a security solution to protect his valuable cargo.

By choosing the skEYEvue system, Dan has not only enhanced the security of his operations, but also ensured that he’s prepared for any incidents that might occur during transit. It’s this proactive approach that makes Dan a valued member of the trucking community, and we’re proud to support him in his endeavors.

At skEYEwatch, we’re committed to providing solutions that help our customers feel secure and confident in their operations. Whether you’re an owner/operator like Dan, a fleet manager, or a trucking company, we’ve got the perfect surveillance solution for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about our innovative products and how they can bolster the security of your operations.

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