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A New Era of Dispatch: Unveiling Bāsys Processing Integration in Dispatch360

At skEYEwatch, our mission is to innovate and deliver top-tier solutions to our customers. Our goal is not only to meet their needs, but to exceed their expectations with exceptional products and services. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a remarkable partnership that underscores this commitment. We’ve teamed up with Bāsys Processing, a leader in the payment processing arena, to bring a significant enhancement to our acclaimed dispatch software, Dispatch360.

To help you visualize this leap forward, we’ve put together a short demo video that provides a first-hand glimpse into the rapid, seamless process of handling credit card transactions using our integrated Bāsys system. We’re not just talking about the future of dispatch operations—we’re showing it to you.

Unleashing New Levels of Efficiency and Productivity

Dispatch360 has been a paradigm of efficiency for companies in the concrete and construction materials industry, expertly handling order processing and dispatch deliveries. With the incorporation of Bāsys Processing’s advanced credit card processing system, we have set new standards in operational convenience and productivity.

Why Bāsys Processing?

Among the plethora of credit card and payment processing companies out there, we chose to work with Bāsys Processing. Why? Because their values resonate with ours. Basys Processing is a family-owned enterprise, with a rich culture that complements our own. Instead of striving to be the biggest in the game, their focus lies in being the best—a sentiment that aligns perfectly with our own vision. Like us, they believe in creating a positive customer experience and nurturing lifelong customers. Their commitment to these values made them an ideal partner for our endeavors.

Seamless Integration and Outstanding Support

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the entire Bāsys support team for their impeccable customer service and dedicated support throughout this integration process. Their assistance and expertise have ensured the implementation of their processing system into our platform was not just smooth, but also enjoyable. It’s this level of commitment and customer service that makes Basys an ideal partner and a true leader in their field.

Making Order Processing a Breeze

No more wrestling with separate, often buggy credit card processing machines to manage your orders. With the seamless integration of Bāsys Processing into Dispatch360, we’ve created a unified, efficient environment where dispatching and sales order processing can take place within a single, intuitive application.

Speed and Security, Hand in Hand

In the high-stakes world of construction materials, we understand the importance of speed and efficiency. By integrating Bāsys Processing into Dispatch360, we’ve eliminated the need for switching between applications, thereby dramatically cutting down processing times. But that’s not all. The Basys Processing system ensures that every payment is processed reliably, swiftly, and securely.

Customer Satisfaction at the Heart of Innovation

Our primary goal has always been customer satisfaction. This integration enhances the functionality of Dispatch360, making operations simpler and service faster. It’s the intuitive, seamless experience we’ve all been waiting for, and one that your customers will love.

Join the Dispatch Revolution

The integration of Bāsys Processing takes Dispatch360 into a new era of streamlined dispatch operations. Be a part of this revolution and experience the transformative impact this integrated system can have on your operations. Watch as your customer satisfaction ratings soar.

Are you ready to revolutionize your dispatching process? Contact our skEYEwatch team today to schedule a demo and discover how Dispatch360 integrated with Bāsys Processing can catapult your business into a bright future.

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