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Push-To-Talk App for iPhone | iOS Demo

Push-to-Talk Demo Video:

Learn about the skEYEwatch Push-To-Talk App for iPhone:

If you’re looking for a safe way to communicate with your drivers, then you’ll need an app that provides a quality push-to-talk service. Look no further than skEYEtalk; also known as skEYEwatch PTT. Watch the video above for a full demo of the best push to talk app in the iOS store for fleet companies.

In the video above, watch a demo of the skEYEwatch PTT app in action:

  • Navigating around the iOS version of the app
  • Create a private push-to-talk session.
  • Invite a single user or multiple users to a talk session aka ad-hoc group.
  • Send private messages to a single user or multi users.
  • Send attach photos in private messages.
  • Located and track talk users on a digital map.
  • Get turn-by-turn gps navigation to the users in your skEYEtalk contacts.

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FAQs About The skEYEwatch Push To Talk App

What push-to-talk apps work on t-mobile’s network?

As long as you have the skEYEwatch PTT app downloaded from the iOS App Store, then you’ll be able to get started with a quality push-to-talk service on the t-mobile network.

How do you disable tracking in the iOS version of the skEYEwatch PTT app.

Very simple, just open the iOS Settings, scroll down and tap to the skEYEwatch app. Tap on Location Access and then select Never.

Which fleet ptt apps work on AT&T’s network?

Several, but we recommend skEYEwatch, especially if you need a quality service for fleet management. Our fleet ptt app integrates with a variety of in-vehicle Bluetooth hand radio systems making it extremely easy to communicate safely, even while driving.

Is the skEYEwatch PTT app available on Verizon’s network?

Yes, not only does our PTT app work on the Verizon network, but also any U.S. based network that allows iOS and Android devices.

What is the difference between skEYEtalk and skEYEwatch PTT?

Nothing! skEYEtalk is just an alias name for skEYEwatch PTT.

Which push-to-talk apps are the most secure?

We won’t speak for other push to talk apps, however, skEYEwatch PTT for iOS and Android uses the following voice privacy encryptions: AES-256 bit Symmetric Key Encryption, ECDSA Asymmetric Encryption, ECDH 384 bit Key Exchange and SHA-384 Hashing.

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