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Call Playback

The skEYEwatch push-to-talk function comes equipped with a convenient Call Playback Feature, which is accessible through the skEYEwatch Push-to-talk app. These recordings are exclusively available on the device and are automatically deleted after 24 hours. In case the storage limit is reached, the oldest recording will be overwritten. However, to access this feature, an authorized Customer Administrator or skEYEwatch Support must first enable it through the Administration Portal.

As soon as the record feature is activated for your enterprise, you can easily retrieve these recordings from the Recents tab. To review a specific call, simply long-press on it to open the sub-menu, and then select the Playback option.

Push-to-talk call playback - Step 1

When accessing a call recording, you can either start playback from the beginning of the call by selecting the Play button or choose to start from a specific section of the call. The playback options available to you include Play, Pause, Skip back 10 seconds, and Skip forward 10 seconds.

Push-to-talk call playback - Step 2

If you wish to delete a recording from your device, simply tap on the Delete button located in the upper right corner of the screen, and then confirm the action by selecting OK.

Push-to-talk call playback - Step 3

It’s important to keep in mind that deleting a recording from your device will not remove it from the devices of other participants in the call. Each member of the call will keep their own copy of the call until the next 24-hour period or until the storage limit has been reached. The maximum amount of data that can be stored for playback is 100 megabytes per day, which roughly translates to 42 minutes of recording at a 4G rate. It’s worth noting that each call can be played back multiple times within this period. Additionally, signing out of skEYEwatch push-to-talk app or switching devices will automatically remove the recordings from your device only. When Client Side Recording is disabled in the portal, all stored calls for your users will be automatically deleted.

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