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Feniex Light Bar Solutions

If you’re looking for the best lightbars in the industry, then look no further than Feniex Light Bars.

(3) Different Series Of Lightbars From Feniex​

Quad Series​

The most state-of-the-art light bar money can buy. This light bar allows users to easily customized colors and flash patterns.

Fusion-S Series​

Just like the quad, you get a high quality LED lightbar with superior construction, however colors patterns are customized to each order at the manufacturer.

Fusion-S Tow​

The most affordable high end amber light bar that money can buy. Perfect solution for tow trucks, construction vehicles and utility trucks.

Feniex Light Bar

Quad Series

The Feniex Quad light bar is the most state-of-the-art strobe light bar system on the market. With 720 densely packed LEDs, 4 colors, and 15 flash patterns, this system offers unmatched customization and visibility for any type of vehicle. Not to mention, extremely easy user configurable options for customizing colors, flash patterns and more; All done with a simple cable and laptop (No more disassembly required). The independent front and rear light activation and 2 levels of dimmability make this light bar perfect for any fleet or situation, whether it be police, fire rescue, public utility, or tow truck. The Feniex Quad light bar is the only light bar you’ll need to keep your fleet visible and safe.

Feniex quad light bar

Feniex Light Bars

Fusion-S Series

Very much like the amazing Quad Series, the Fusion-S series is also an amazing light bar strobe and flood light product. It includes the same build quality and super bright LEDs as the Quad Series, however, the big difference is the colored LED lights in this light bar are custom built to spec at Feniex. Once it’s shipped to the customer, changing LED colors is NOT as simple as it is on the Quad. This is due to the fact that the light bar would need to be disassembled and reassembled to change LED color patterns. On the flipside, a few advantages is that this light bar is less expensive than the Quad Series and the Fusion-S can also be assembled with Green LED colors, a common color used in (non-law enforcement) security patrol vehicles.

Fusion-s Feniex Light Bar Strobe

Feniex Light Bars

Fusion-S Tow

You can’t go wrong with the tow truck light bars from Feniex Industries. The Fusion-S Tow lightbar strobes have the perfect balance of high quality materials, superb workmanship and affordability. This light bar was originally designed for tow trucks, however it also works perfectly for public utulity and service trucks alike.

Feniex Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting, Safety Lighting, Sirens & More

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