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Introducing skEYEvue Max

AI Dash Cam & Driver Monitoring System

We already have the best commercial vehicle surveillance system on the market. Now enhance it with artificial intelligence and take your AI Dash Cam safety system to the next level with SKEYEVUE Max!

World Class Fleet Management System

Video surveillance + Fleet Management



SKEYEVUE Basic is MORE than basic, it’s a cutting edge commercial vehicle surveillance system with GPS tracking.

skEYEvue MAX


SKEYEVUE Max includes everything in SKEYEVUE Basic plus these additional advanced features.

What else is included with SKEYEWATCH Max?

What's Included?

Time and Attendance Tracking (RFID)

Automate timekeeping with precision and ease.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)

Ensure compliance and safety with detailed inspection reports.

Truck/Employee Database:

Centralize all vital information for efficient management.

Advanced Driver Scheduling

Optimize driver assignments for maximum productivity.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Gain deeper insights with advanced analytics.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Proactively address maintenance needs for uninterrupted operations.
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